Xist PheromoneXiSt pheromone cologne is designed to break out of the dreaded “friend zone”. Lets be real here, it’s happened to the best of us, it’s called fucking life and for us guys we had to deal with it and move one. However, there is a new little weapon out there to break the dreaded “friend zone” status and become the guy she wants.

Have you been looking for that special pheromone blend that will “reset” her opinion of you? Well XiSt claims to be that special blend, question is does it work?

Testing Results:
I have to admit when I learned this product was available I jumped on this one because there was a girl I was chasing that friend zoned me (hate admitting that but it happened). I chased her hard because she had the biggest natural titties I’ve ever seen! But I royally fucked up my 1st chance and that was it…I was done.

Anyway, I did keep in touch and a year later I decided to text her to meet up over coffee. I come to find out she broke up with her, now I’m thinking here is my chance. I used 2 sprays (I recommend using 2 sprays) in 5 separate meetings and I noticed our interactions was changing each time she was around me. She behaved differently and we bantered back and forth. I had to step up my game to let her know I was more then just a friend.

Here is the deal: I sensed that by the 3rd meet XiSt created a new impression of me in her mind.This is exactly what I needed and I was able to accomplish my goal. XiSt was able to “reset” her feeling towards me and after the 5th time wearing it I asked her out. I as able to keep it up and we wound up dating for 5 months….fucking WIN!

The sheer joy I felt being able to redeem myself was overwhelming to say the least. In my book Xisit allows you to project yourself as instant boyfriend material.

I have to stress also the reason for my success is that a lot of time had passed in between. When I reached out I was surprised she texted back. That’s when I knew I couldn’t blow it the 2nd time around.

Note: Understand that XiSt IS NOT an in your face mone but rather a slow moving but very powerful. For XiSt to be effective on your target, she must be exposed to it several times for the “reset” affect.

Frankly speaking I have no idea why XiSt does what it does or how, all I know it works. XiSt also works with perfect strangers. I noticed several women seemed drawn to me in a way to catch my attention.

– Only pheromone available that acts as a reset button.
– Multiple exposures cement that deep connection women crave.
– Great standalone product.
– Has an imprinting effect with women that you are boyfriend material.
– Only product I know of that acts as a friend-zone killer.
– Works wonders with your existing girlfriend.

Requires multiple exposures on the same target for desired results.

After a good amount of testing XiSt
is the real deal. I was looking for that “reset” effect with woman and I found it with this single pheromone. In plain English wearing XiSt will change how women look at you. Get your bottle of friend zone buster with XiSt.

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