X22I had to take some time with testing X22 but in the end it did prove to be a great social blend just by itself. It’s best to pair X22 with an eNONE product. People seem to get really chummy around you a little more and you’ll notice people getting diarrhea of the mouth when they catch a whiff of X22.

Testing Results:
I recently ran out of one of my social pheromones and I read on the forums that X22 was an excellent product that is fairly new from HAX. I picked up a bottle and tested this one at work. Frankly speaking for the 5 days I used X22 I found it difficult to work because all my co-workers want to talk, chit-chat or just mess around at work.  Understand that I do sales so I need to be on the phone selling and don’t have time to mess around. Crazy to see in less than a week this little gem without a doubt worked and did the job.

X22 is also available in spray, however the oil has a longer staying power. An important note about X22, it seems to make girls remember you as if this carriers a subtle sensual vibe to it. That is something you’ll need to pick up on but that after-affect was a bonus in my book.


 – Great social – makes you “Mr. Popular”
– The oil will last up to 6 – 8 hours
– Fantastic buffer with any eNONE heavy product.


 – There were no negative side-effects

I really liked X22 and the friendliness is brought, it really makes you that “fun”, “popular” guy in any social setting. I was surprised also by the staying power of the oil, however the only drawback was the scent. The scent package is noting to brag about but your preferred cologne could cover up that scent.

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