Wolf PheromoneWolf pheromone cologne has become my staple in increasing my alpha / status signature and for good reason. I originally got Wolf because I work in  sales, I read from other users great things so I picked up a bottle. As I suspected I felt like the “leader of the pack” when using this alpha pheromone blend.

Note: Although I consider myself to be a positive person most of the time, many users find Wolf as a mood enhancer.

Testing Results: 
At just 1 spray Wolf made a great work pheromone giving me a nice, “in-control” vibe all day. Personally I really like its fresh, clean scent. What I like most about Wolf is that it lasts 6 to 8 hours and for whatever reason works great on younger women. Each time I used Wolf while visiting my customers or in the office I always got respect from executives to my peers. Unlike A314 that can easily intimidate many people I found Wolf to be the perfect medium. I always felt I was in command of the situation but never too pushy.

I loved the results so much I decided to rock Wolf while on the prowl in the clubs and bars and it worked great. There is nothing like being able to project a celebrity type vibe. Talk about an ego boost!

What I found was that not only did I get that “cool guy” respect vibe but it was also very social and sexual as well. As long as you are confident and able to flirt on a basic level Wolf is a BEAST!

Note: You have a choice when ordering Wolf. Either spray top or dropper. Just know this that 4-5 drops are equal to 1 spray.


 – Very versatile great for work and nightlife
– Can be used as a standalone
– Gives user the VIP / Celebrity aura
– Confidence booster
– Lasts 6 to 8 hours
– If you like Asian women then you MUST get Wolf!


 – This will depend on your personality and comfort level. It’s possible to be too “alpha” and intimidate people, but at 2 sprays it worked fine for me.

What I like most about Wolf is it’s less intimidating than A314. Let’s be honest as a salesman or executive do you want to scare people away? Of course not! If you are a working professional, consider adding Wolf for that extra edge. The great thing about Wolf is that it can be worn at the clubs or bars.

P.S. I challenge you to rock Wolf…trust me your life will change using this top tier pheromone cologne.

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