Wingman Black PheromoneNo doubt this is the product that pretty much put this company on the map and has been their flagship product for some time. After much research I decided to go for it and get a bottle of Wingman Black while it was on sale. It was described by one avid user as “rock star” in a bottle.

Testing results:
I am going to cut right to the chase on this one…..I didn’t have much luck here unless I used 6 sprays, then I saw tons of IOI’s from women. I felt I was getting the rock star type of attention using this product, but that was it. The problem is that I had to use a lot to gain the “rock star” vibe. Without a doubt I got a lot of looks from both men and women as if they were thinking, “who is that guy”?

Note: Personally I prefer blends that have a more sexual / attractant signature and I didn’t experience that with Wingman Black.

Best used in the nightclubs (not my thing anymore) with 6 sprays from all age groups. Maybe just me but because of the fact I used 6 sprays I personally find the Black label too soft for my taste.


 – Can be used as a standalone
– Fantastic nightclub pheromone
– Achieve ‘Rock star’ status using this


 – Not really daytime friendly (my opinion)
– Needed 6 sprays on the clubs to get the desired results

Bottom line Wingman Black Label does work best in the night club setting. Personally I don’t frequent the clubs anymore, so I have no use for it.  If you frequent the clubs and want the “rock star” vibe then Wingman Black Label is for you.

Currently HAX Pheroceuticals offers the “Wingman” series in the following formulations:

  1. Black Label
  2. Element 7
  3. Element 9
  4. Element X

I haven’t really had the chance to test the above formulations however other users have reported very positive results from the above.

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