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Types of Pheromones

By admin On April 11, 2012 Under Pheromones

Before we dive into some of the most used pheromone molecules used today, we first need to realize just what they are.  Pheromones are chemicals found in plants, insects, animals and humans. Pheromones in short are emitted and elicit a response within the same species. In this page you get the lowdown on the 6 pheromone molecules most widely used in the pheromone industry.

Pheromone products usually include the following pheromones in them:

1) AndrosteNONE: This pheromone signals dominance and aggression and is primarily used to create strong sexual desires in many women. While it is associated with a sexual responses, that isn’t the only purpose of this pheromone. eNONE is great with older women and works well with younger women as well but they are more sensitive to it. In other words they are generally more subject to becoming intimidated. Higher doses increase these risks, and induce the possibility of you coming across as a jerk…but then again, some chicks dig that. The general rule of thumb when using eNONE is that a little goes a long way.

This can only be used in moderation or you run the risk of “overdosing”.

Overdosing – in pheromone talk is when you give off too much of a dominance or sexual signals that actually turn women off.

2) AndrosteRONE: This pheromone brings out feelings of masculinity and protection but not in a overtly sexual way. It can make you seem as if you are older/wiser than your age. It can help a women view you as more attractive, but again, not so much in an overt sexual manner. eRone is widely used in nearly all your “alpha” or “status” pheromone colognes.

3) Alpha-AndroseNOL: This is a pheromone that results in friendliness it simply makes you more approachable and less intimidating. a-NOL is one of the best buffers to eNONE.  It can make people feel relaxed and friendly, leading to conversations between people. Definitely considered an “ice breaker” for conversations. This molecule is also know as AlphaNOL.

4) Beta-AndrosteN0L: Very similar to alphanol in its conversation inducing qualities, but slightly on a more serious level…Basically its better for quality of conversation rather than quantity. Excellent for increasing trust and intimacy but be prepared because you won’t believe your ears! Also known as Betanol.

5) Copulins “cops“: Are you ready for this one? These are chemicals that the woman’s vagina secretes when they are ovulating. It combines fatty acids and biological molecules and is meant to result in copulation. When men smell copulins on women, they usually view her as more attractive. I must warn you copulins or “cops” are stinky and I mean it does stink so a strong cover scent (a cologne of your own choosing is recommended). Also you can easily overdose when using cops and usually one drop from a droppers is all you need.

NOTE: The best copulins product if from Love Scent called Essence of a Woman.

6) AndrostaDIENONE: The molecule DIENONE is also referred as to the “love or crush” pheromone because it has been documented to do the following:

  • Effect on a female’s cognition and in turn her actions.
  • Males can significantly elevate a female’s mood, even alleviate residual PMS symptoms and increase alertness.
  • This “love pheromone” increases intimacy by extenuating feelings of comfort, connection, communication and honesty

What makes it so powerful is that implies masculinity on the user, nothing over the top like some meat head caveman. It also has been shown to elevate mood in women, it’s great for relieving PMS symptoms, and its excellent at buffering AndrosteNONE.

However the main downside is that some men experience symptoms like depression when wearing only DIENONE.  However it should be noted that you can counter this pitfall with a buffer like EST, which is like A1 but gender reversed. I suggest not using AndrostaDIENONE by itself for an extended period of time.

Now you know the 6 most widely used but there are several companies out there that have research molecules that have shown great promise in the pheromone cologne industry. Probably the leader in these molecules was/is Androtics Direct. Steve O from Alpha Dream and Liquid Alchemy Labs also have their proprietary blends containing other pheromone molecules.


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