Turn Up The Heat PheromoneTurn up the Heat or “Tuth” pheromone cologne is a very powerful sexual pheromone by Androtics loaded with AndrosteNONE. Tuth is purely a sex pheromone, caution is required when using this bad boy.

Since this is eNONE heavy a little does go a long way. You don’t want to come off too sexual since you may scare off many of the younger women. There are 2 strengths this comes in: 2.5 mcg/spray and 5 mcg/spray.

When choosing a strength the general rule of thumb is for younger guys – choose the lowest strength. (You body already produced lots of testosterone so you don’t need much.)

Testing Results:
I got this to simply help me increase that sexual spark in those intimate situations when I needed it. As with all my eNONE heavy products I always spray Tuth to the chest. For me 2 spays at 2.5mcg per spray was enough but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you test your sweet spot.

Off the bat I must say it’s wise to pair Tuth with a social like (Instant Shine) because you want to soften the very overt sexual signature or vibe Tuth seems to bring out. I have used Tuth several times and it worked great in the bar scene and when I want to get intimate with my lady it almost always is a winner.

I found Tuth to NOT be effective on first time encounters (unless you are in a raunchy bar/club). Save Tuth when you are on a 2nd or 3rd date.

Hot Phero Combo: In the bar scene I’ve tested Tuth + Ammo + Instant Shine and it proved to be an amazing combo hitting your 30 something women real hard. I witnessed too many times women snapping their heads to side glancing at me.


 – The price is cheap (in my opinion) and comes in 2 strengths
– Great product for creating that sexual spark
– Fantastic in helping women see you as more than ‘just a friend’
– Stating at $29.95 (for 30ml bottle) makes this a great value!


– Can easily overdose on Tuth
– Can cause aggression in some males

I have to admit TUTH is a very underrated product and it deserves more play. It brings out the sexual side of the woman and more importantly it makes to more than ‘just a friend’ in her eyes.

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