Top Rated Social Pheromones

Top Rated Pheromones for Increasing Social Status

Best Social Pheromones

Seeking the best social pheromones to increase your social status amongst your peers? Here are several social pheromone colognes that will help.

I have already reviewed these and use them on a regular basis with great results. These pheromones are fantastic in increasing your social interactions in just about any environment:

  1. Increase your social proof
  2. Project the ‘popular guy’ aura
  3. Project a friendly vibe
  4. Increase deeper conversation levels
  5. Increase communication

From the list below there are several ‘social pheromone’ colognes that you need to be aware of and what they are best used for.

mx297 top

Final thoughts on “social” pheromones:

There are several pheromone colognes that can increase your social status with those around you. My top all rounder does belong to Glace because it works so well for all personality types. A real ‘social lubricant’ so to speak. For those with a big personality and the party hard guy, MX297 will practically turn you into a celebrity.

Lastly you have CORE, that is quickly becoming a favorite in the community. I still find it incredible that a fellow pheromone enthusiast took the leap and made his own blend. I highly recommend you take a look at this little gem.

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