Recently I have been very slow to react to new pheromones coming out and Pheromone Treasures proved to be no exception. I held off for months before even looking into this new company until the owner, John Loda saw my site and reached out for a review of his product. He wanted me to write up a review of The Hookup and I agreed on the Musk Cybilla scent in a 10ml spray bottle. The Hookup Pheromone

Ingredient list: On the site it’s listed there’s a proprietary blend of 4 pheromones with Androstenone being one of them. It’s made clear this product is meant for the bar scene.

Testing Results:
I tested The Hookup in pretty much every type of setting: work, running errands and of course nighttime as well. I did notice with my testing that the Hook Up is a lot of fun to use with all the smiles and hellos I was receiving. However I noticed that this product was more of a comfort type mone than anything else.

I must state that The Hookup isn’t a hard hitting sexual pheromone like others that I have tested. In other words this isn’t a panty dropper solo by itself.

The Hookup is great at opening up that door and exposing the opportunity but you have to walk through the door.

On that note if you’re considering on getting The Hookup expect to do the heavy lifting and initiating contact with women. Although this is true with any pheromone I was expecting a crazy heavy sexual with a name like, “The Hookup”. I have to admit the name is a little misleading since this product is no panty dropper. Not exactly the best  ‘standalone’ type product.

Note: If I am going to describe this product it’s fun, social and sexy. I recommend using this as a  base pheromone and stacking it with another pheromone.

Testing in the bars the Hookup did it’s job in going for the cold approach and allowing me to make that initial contact not so intrusive, women seemed happy that I was there. This is where I noticed that The Hookup wasn’t a pure sexual. Other sexual pheromones behave differently, I can feel that sexual tension when I was gaming my targets. The Hookup is more sexy fun and social…it has a little bit of everything.

– They offer several scent packages
– The product came in a wooden chest is a nice touch in the packaging
– Social and fun in a bottle
– Very good for cold approaches

– Musk Cybilla not a great scent to my nose
– Name was a little misleading
– Not a great standalone
– Not a overtly sexual pheromone as the name implies

Final Thoughts:
I do like The Hookup for what it offers, a social, fun, sexy aura in a bottle. In my opinion younger guys will have a lot of fun using this pheromone. However to be fair to my readers and not to get the wrong impression, this product isn’t a pure sexual type pheromone. On the flip side it’s fun and sexy.

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