TabooXS is a very interesting pheromone that is marketed as a flirty social pheromone designed to be used day or night. This was the very first pheromone that I came across that wasn’t a purely sexual, social or alpha blend.Taboo XS Pheromone

Steve O was clearly looking to make a blend that was different from the norm. Frankly it was hard to gauge if TabooXS would be a standalone from the description but it did get my attention. Steve O has a habit of producing excellent blends and many of which are beginner friendly so I took the plunge and got a full 30ml bottle.

As for what pheromones are in TabooXS here is whats published: AndrostENONE, Alpha-AndrosteNOL, AndrosteRONE, AndrostaDIENONE, Research Molecule XSR32, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

 Testing Results:
It didn’t take long for me to get a handle of TabooXS at all. In three weeks I was able to get a good grip on the results. My optimal dosage was just 2 sprays. This very handy pheromone seems to be an all rounder pheromone and excellent for the beginner. I was surprised to see that Taboo gave me that social, trusting, approachable, sensual aura making this a very versatile pheromone. Almost like a Swiss army knife: a little of everything in one bottle, however with some limitations.

My testing ground was mostly at work and the women treated just a little differently than what I am usually used to. It clicked that I need to test Taboo XS around new sets of women so the nighttime use proved to give me very valuable information. I found that TabooXS was very “charming” in the vibe I received from women. Most of the hits I received were subtle however I did experience a few blatant hits. Those blatant hits came in the form of huge smiles and some kino action.

Using TabooXS allowed me to get girls numbers easily and kiss close on the first meet however I admit this isn’t a ‘getting laid’ type product at all.

Note: Even though TabooXS is very user friendly and opens doors with women it doesn’t have that “pull factor” with women. As long as you engage women they will be interested. Taboo is fantastic in opening that door with women.


– Available 10ml, 30ml and oil we well
– Opens doors with women in communication
– Very effective in bringing her guard down allowing to to swoop in
– Brings out the charm on the wearer
– Very versatile product


– Doesn’t have that magnetic pull with women

Final Thoughts:
TabooXS success as a product is that it does contain a hefty dose of androstadienone and also alpha a-nol which propels the communication and bonding factor. This lowers her guard allowing you to swoop in and game her. This is what makes me a fan of TabooXS, my results were the same almost every time. Although solo it’s not a lay product you will be able to get her digits.

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