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Best Alpha Status Pheromones

Top 3 Pheromones for Increasing Alpha Male Status

If you are looking for the best alpha/status pheromone to help in raising your status amongst your peers, here are three pheromones products that will help.

I have already reviewed these and use them on a regular basis with great results. These pheromones are fantastic in raising your status in the following environments:

  1. Increasing your alpha male status amongst peers
  2. Great in the business meetings
  3. Job interviews
  4. Increase sales

As far as I am concerned these are only three products that achieve this: Wolf, A314 and C4

a314 review

Final thoughts on “alpha male” pheromones:

Of the three you have read, the best “alpha” pheromone is a little challenging to declare until A314 became a total piece of crap. They very last two revisions Royalle and Naturelle proved terrible. I have found that Wolf best fit my personality. You essentially become leader of the pack without coming off too strong like a drill Sargent. Lastly C4 isn’t as good as Wolf but far better than the latest A314 that has come out.

Wolf is the best pick to project your alpha status simply because it works great on both the business and social setting.

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