SOB-XS is another interesting product from Pheromone XS taking the typical sexual eNone driven product with a bit of a twist. I’d like to present what is hailed as the “Bad Boy” mix but does it deliver? Before we get into that lets see what in every 10ml bottle. Here is whats published:
SOB Pheromone
AndrostENONE, Beta-AndrosteNOL, ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (Allo-THDOC), Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

Note: I forgot to add there is an undeniable scent of cops in SOB XS, so a good cover is something I recommend. It’s not as pungent like EOW or DP but I still would go with a good cover scent.

One thing I need to point out, although this product is eNone driven there’s a good dose of B-Nol….more about that later.

Here is what interested my in this product. It’s marketed for nice guys that are looking to project that bad boy vibe. Let’s face it, a lot of guys figured out women early on and discovered quickly that women like the guy with an edge. Not so much an asshole or a meat head but not a nice guy that’s a boring weenie. There is some truth to nice guys finishing last, women don’t like boring. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be that way.

This is where the B-Nol that makes this blend very interesting, Beta-AndrosteNOL is the deep bonding molecule and conversation starter. So if you can open a girl and grab her attention your opportunity is there to take it further. B-Nol is a great social that open people up to you. Taking that and adding eNone could make this a very powerful product.

Testing Results:
I have to apologize here but my testing was all done around 11/2014 so I had to dig up my notes on this one. Should have wrote about this one sooner! Reading the reports I knew I wanted to test this product out especially when going out on the prowl. I found my sweet spot to 2 sprays max and required a good cover to mask the stink. Cops do smell so do yourself a favor and use a good cologne. As far as self-effects I clearly remember SOB XS giving me that ballsy feeling and  willing to accept challenges (friendly competitive challenges and not fights). Frankly I felt a slight rush looking to really hit the bars and go big and socialize with as many women as possible.

Knowing this is a sexual product I understood this is a nighttime product (perfect for bars and clubs) and not so much meant for the professional environment. All my testing was done at bars and I definitely got great results using this product. All my targets I noticed being hit the hardest by SOB XS was between 30 to 40 years of age. With that observation I credit the copulins that are present with this blend for making that happen.

The more I tested this product I found that my luck with younger women diminished terribly, I suspect the cops were the culprit. Cops do in fact give off the “I just got laid” vibe and younger women don’t respond to the player vibe well at all. Older women are more open sexually and already know what they want. In my case since I’m older it wasn’t a big deal, I really didn’t mind having older women chatting me up.

Here is where some men will run into a brick wall using SOB XS. You have to be that fun, ballsy, teasing guy and engage with women. This product isn’t for timid or shy guys. However if you’re a wallflower but still can talk to a women and get comfortable, then SOB XS is a very good pheromone blend to consider.

A little note on the best use of this product. You need to be “in the zone” and feel inside like a bad boy. Failing to be in the zone or congruent with SOB XS can invite shit tests from women. Here you are giving off that bad boy vibe but not being confident or open a conversation will send mixed messages.

Understand that if a women is shit testing you, NEVER get defensive! Shit tests from women is their way of preselection and if she’ll sleep with you.  The easiest way to break up a shit test is to amplify it making it sound silly and agree with her. You should have a look on your face as of she’s a total dork. Point is if you get butt hurt…you failed.

I have to admit I really had fun using this product when I was out on the prowl, I found that this was a very effective standalone product. This product has a great blend that is a heavy sexual but social and will work best for confident men. I was floored my some of the results I received using it when I took action.

Hot Phero Combo: Taboo + SOB is a great mix that I dubbed, “the bad boy girls want to meet right now”.

– Great nighttime sexual mix
– Works wonders on 30 to 40 year olds
– Attention grabbing
– Self-effects were all positive
– Now comes in Oil for the warmer climates

– I don’t recommend using SOB with the wife or a serious girlfriend. The cops may backfire and   cause some tension.
– Didn’t work well with 20 year olds
– Cops are stinky
– Not the best product for timid men

Final Thoughts:
I have to hand it to Steve O on this great blend. SOB XS did deliver and I was very happy with this product. I’m single so I’m always putting myself out there and this product is able to generate the attraction, I feel ballsy and I receive that “Da Man” vibe using SOB XS.

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