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Best Seduction PheromonesBoosting your sexual aura and being able to seduce women using a “sex pheromone” is probably the main reason you’re here. You aren’t that shy, you dress sharp when hitting your nighttime hot spots but you want that extra edge, that extra advantage that makes you stand out. Pheromones can provide that extra edge and there are a handful that really stand out.

There isn’t a magic pheromone that will have her drooling for you (at least not yet) but there are some high potency seduction pheromones that work great in getting her to notice you. There are several studies that have shown what these “sex pheromones” where able to accomplish and what they can do for you:

  1. Increase in more dates
  2. More flirtatious behavior from opposite sex
  3. Increase your chances of sleeping her
  4. Boosting your sex appeal

Luckily there have been many advances in the attraction / seduction pheromone field. The following are just some pheromones that increase your odds of seduction in your favor. Here are my top seduction pheromone colognes I use consistently where I’m looking to seduce women in bars, clubs or parties.

Final thoughts on “seduction” pheromones:

As I said earlier there isn’t a pheromone “the one” (just yet) that will have every woman looking to rip your clothes off. However seduction pheromones like Evolve XS, NPA, L2K work incredibly well on women boosting your sex appeal, thus your attractiveness, thus your chances of closing the deal! Don’t forget the hottest sexual pheromone belong to Method 3X at the moment!

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