Pheromone XS

PheromoneXS is a company founded by Steve O who was associated with Androtics for a number of years. He decided break away to start his own company and quickly gained popularity because of his incredible pheromone formulations.

Pheromone XS

What makes PheromoneXS so unique is that Steve’s formulations are very unique and powerful but they are also they are very user friendly and easy to combine. He was the first to formulate blends that didn’t exactly fit solely into a social, sexual or alpha box. Many of his formulations are multi-dimensional giving users far more reach. His philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to be an expert to figure out a product…I couldn’t agree more. With Steve and his products it’s a simple matter of “spray and go”.

Make sure to read the full reviews especially his #1 selling mone XiSt otherwise known as the “friend zone” buster.

  • About Us

    Pheromone Essentials was created by "Andromun" (frequent contributor on the forums) a well known pheromone enthusiast aimed at giving men the real truth behind pheromone colognes that actually work. It all started 17 years ago with just one to experimenting with several dozen pheromone colognes claiming to be the best. The main goal is to steer you away from the bullcrap and show you how pheromones can enhance your life.
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