Putative 96

I first heard about P96 from Pagodeiro, a trusted vet on the forums about this single molecule and it’s buffering properties some time back. Based on his recommendation I’ve been using this single molecule from Androtics for some time with great success, I felt it was time for a full review. 

Many of the reviews that came out listed P96 as  a great buffer for eNone and eRone, I was looking for a buffer to New Pheromone Additive (NPA) so I decided to take the plunge and test out this molecule.

It took a little bit of time and observation of P96 and it’s properties but I had more than one “a-ha” moment to warrant this product as a must have in your pheromone arsenal.

Testing Results:
Reading that P96 is a great buffer to eNone I chose to get a 5ml bottle at 25 mcg per spray. I almost always use NPA for my ‘on the prowl’ nighttime mixes so I did two sprays of NPA and 25mcg of P96.

The results were amazing and very different from a typical social buffering type pheromone. Social pheromones are designed to make conversations flow a bit easier and project (in some cases) you’re a fun guy.

P96 behaves very differently and more powerfully. P96 creates a deep bonding type connection with your target.

Note: P96 solo really doesn’t do anything, you’ll notice that something is clearly missing. P96 is amazing with heavy eNone products. 

I have too many instances when wearing an eNone product + P96, the women were just interested in everything about me. This allowed for deeper conversations and that deep connection women always seek in a partner. Frankly I have lost count on the number of occasions I was able to get her digits or kiss close her. In addition I’ve had several instances where this simple combo closed the deal with a chick I met at a bar. One of the major contributions of P96 is it ability to pull women in.

What makes P96 so interesting is that it behaves nearly identical to androstaDienone or A1 without the depression. As you know A1 does cause severe side-effects in some men causing depression.

P96 in my opinion is the best alternative to A1. Simply said, there are no negative side-effects! The major difference to A1 is that this molecule doesn’t create that falling in love feeling like A1 does but it’s very close.

Another positive factor about P96 besides being a powerful eNone buffer, it doesn’t mute or the effects of eNone’s sexual signature.

P96 best uses are with eRone or eNone:
– P96 + eRone = projects a deep alpha connection
– P96 + eNone = I want to meet this guy

– Great alternative to A1
– Has that “pull factor” with women
– Acts nearly identical to A1 without the depression
– Won’t mute the sexual signature of eNone
Comes in a 5ml (oil) with 10 mcg per drop

– Not really a standalone at all
– Won’t create the love or crush feeling with your target

Ever since Androtics has revamped their store, P96 now only comes as an oil in just a 5 ml bottle so two drops will be enough. With that in mind they now have this mone at $99

Hot Phero Combo: Evolve + P96 is an awesome mix I highly recommend especially on 1st dates.

Final Thoughts:
P96 is my opinion a necessary molecule to have in your arsenal. If you can’t handle A1 because of depression then you really need to give P96 a try. When using this single molecule with an eNone product you will clearly see how this combination shines.

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