Overdose PheromoneOverdose is the very 1st gel based pheromone from Liquid Alchemy Labs and I was very excited that I saw Gary was putting out a new product. I decided to make the purchase and test this sucker out after other users reported positive results.

I purchased Overdose for the intention of adding my “sexual pheromone arsenal” and this is the first product I purchased in gel form. Based from the website this is their most sexual product yet…even more so than Aqua Vitae (if that’s even possible). First off I have to say this comes on a 50ml bottle!Needless to say this will last you a VERY LONG time! There is no other pheromone product on the market that comes in this size.

Okay this is directly from the website regarding “Overdose” Basically this considered a heavy alpha product with high pheromone content.

However what makes this different is “it’s balanced with a new social sexual pheromone mix that has tested very highly on the success scale.” Also the gel has the feel and consistency of hair gel and dries quickly (don’t apply to hair!).

Testing Results:
It took me quite some time to figure out this product. Frankly it was nearly a month until I was able to learn the properties and finally come to a conclusion when to use it. I was by accident I learned about Overdose’s true colors all from a trade show in Las Vegas.

To start I used 1.5 pumps in the morning (I used a cover scent first) and applied the gel directly on my app points. As I was walking around the convention center and schmoozing with potential clients I noticed everyone very polite even though I was soliciting business from from them and not vice versa. What’s ever in Overdose – my confidence was very high and talking seemed easy. Funny thing I busted several girls working at the booths glancing at me, only to turn away smiling.

The real results came after the show ended and my buddy and I hit the casino at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Fun atmosphere and the women were all hot. I’m not much of a gambler so my buddy sat playing black jack and I decided to get a drink at the bar. Feeling as good as I did and not caring I approached two girls with my eye on the brunette. 25 minutes later my buddy finds me and successfully runs interference with my targets’ girlfriend. Perfect timing the girl and I exchange numbers after finding out she lives 30 miles from me – PERFECT.

When I got back I hit her up and was able to set up a date – closed the deal on the 2nd meeting!

NOTE: I must tell you that Overdose has a very heavy social aspect to it in the beginning, which will morph into a more alpha/sexual feel 3 – 4 hours after application after more testing. In short there’s almost a ramp-up period between the social to the sexual side this product takes.

I learned that Overdose is best used for those long summer days/nights where you have several hours and allow Overdose to morph from social to sexual. For those living on cooler climates, to aid the diffusion use a cover scent to help the molecules disperse through the air.

I have to admit, this product isn’t something I consider very ‘beginner friendly’. I found Overdose a pain in the ass to dose properly and use effectively. In all it took a little over a month to get a handle on this one.


 – Well for one it works!
– Can be used as a stand alone
– Increased sense of confidence
– Very long lasting results up to 10 hours


 – A little pricey at $97 but you are getting a 50ml bottle
– Can take a long time for the sexual mones to kick in
– Pain in the ass to figure out at first, not beginner friendly

Bottom line if you live in a warm weather climate and socialize a lot during the day, Overdose is worth buying. I will say that it’s a very complex multipurpose formula with a social and sexual aspect all-in-one.

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