Nude PheromoneAt last the baby brother to Nude Alpha. As Gary put it, Nude was designed to attract women, and raise the social status of the wearer”. From the description Nude is supposed to have a slightly sexual kick to it as well.

Testing Results:
I decided to give Nude a run and from my field testing I noticed it was a very social product. I was able to go as high as 3-4 drops and I experienced no negative effects on any of my social interactions. There was no doubt that my social interactions in general were better and more spontaneous.

I have some women open me, asking questions or commenting on something I was ordering at the check out line or commenting on my shirt while a night out in the town. Social interaction and “cold approaches”, just walking up to women was actually easier while I was wearing Nude. A warm smile and Nude’s signature was non-threatening but alluring.

After some more in-field testing I found Nude to possess the following qualities:

 – Induces ‘kino’ big time
– Makes you approachable and likable
– Great on dates or low key nights
– Great ice breaker
– Very effective in creating a nice fun guy

Don’t let Nude scare you thinking it will make you ‘beta’ or it will friend zone you. Just because it has that fun nice guy aura you can easily sexualize Nude with flirting. As I said before flirting is your #1 weapon with women!

Note: Because Nude doesn’t have a high concentration of eNone, men with a hard charging personality may feel it too weak for their personality.

If you are that guy who is a little introverted but can easily open up and talk to women and socialize with no problems, Nude should be on your list!


 – Great for 1st encounters or cold approaches.
– Very useful for day and night game.
– Comes in 2 sizes, 1/3 of an ounce and 1 ounce.
– Unscented (can use your own cologne).


 – Due the pheromone concentration, it’s a little pricey. I got the 1/3 ounce.

I really enjoyed Nude for its social power. While I was out doing cold approaches I flew right into women’s radar as that “cute fun guy”. I have to say I love this stuff.

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