Nude Alpha PheromoneYes it’s true I am a fan of Liquid Alchemy Labs, so it’s no surprise on a recent pheromone buying blitz I picked up Nude Alpha. Off the bat I confess I didn’t really know what to expect from this highly misunderstood product.

Nude Alpha is basically like the original formula ‘Nude’ but with added eNone. In fact it was the veteran Nude users that requested a better version with some eNone added to it and Nude Alpha was born.

Note: I made the mistake of buying Nude Alpha before experiencing Nude. Keep reading to find out why.

The description of Nude Alpha is best described as a subtle but powerful very fun, social and with the extra androstenone for that sexual kick. Sounds like the perfect product to reel in ladies while out on the prowl right? Not exactly…..

Testing Results:
It seriously took me a solid two months to really grasp Nude Alpha and to fully understand when to use it and when not to. My testing grounds for mostly cold approaches on the weekend (day and night) and I found that Nude Alpha was very inconsistent with 1st time meet ups with women.

I do have this one girl (a long time buddy, hehehe) and for whatever reason she responded exceptionally well with Nude Alpha. More than the usual she showed me more attention and cuddle time.

In fact with other women that I was seeing over a period of time the more exposures to Nude Alpha the better! I learned that Nude Alpha worked best with the same chick over and over again. I originally bought Nude Alpha to attract women for cold approaches.

Allow me to repeat Nude Alpha is not good on cold approaches.

Hot Phero Combo: Nude Alpha + A1 (dienone) = FALLOUT EFFECT. When I used this combo it created an deep connection with the girls I was closing (at the time I had a 3 girl rotation). All I needed was 2 drops and 20 – 30mcg of A1 and forget it, I had them dickmatized!

Simply said Nude Alpha + A1 creates an imprinting effect with women and can cause clingines…no lie with this statement. If you want your chick to fall in love with you – this is the combo to achieve it. Needless to say to say this is the combo to use with your girlfriend.


 – A great pheromone to use around your special lady.
– Based on my findings adding A1 seems to cause an imprinting effect on women.
– If you have a serious girl friend I personally think Nude Alpha is a must have.


 – Do yourself the favor and get the bulb dropper when ordering (at checkout ask Gary for the bulb dropper in the comments section).

Nude Alpha was very frustrating in the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing. I found it works best on girlfriends and it more effective when adding A1 to the mix. It becomes a serious love potion and that is no exaggeration.

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