New Pheromone Additive New Pheromone Additive or “NPA” is an outstanding sexual pheromone when used correctly. This product is meant to be mixed with your own cologne. Since NPA is NONE heavy, it’s best used with a musky fragrance. The best way to use NPA is to get an empty 5 or 10 ml spray atomizer (available in any beauty store) and mix an equal 5 parts cologne to 1 part NPA (5:1 ratio). Best to leave alone for 2 weeks so this mix is fully integrated and then test.

NOTE: Since NPA contains AndrosteNONE some people have said the smell is like body order or sweat, hence the reason to mix it with cologne. However keep in mind that 1 out of 4 US males can smell AndrosteNONE.

I strongly suggest you don’t use the product straight from the bottle.NPA isn’t purely oil and the dropper on the bottle will not measure the drops accurately. Too many users fail to follow the 5:1 mix ratio and usually experience OD (overdose) or inconsistent results.

Considering my age (I’m 36) and the fact it’s NONE heavy I started with 1 spray and found my sweet spot at 2 sprays. I can’t stress enough the importance of Sweet Spot Testing when trying out NPA.

Testing Results:
I have used NPA several times mixed with my cologne in a 5ml atomizer with great results. I used this on several occasions at bars/clubs and at the gym. Each time I received hits from women looking at me like a deer caught in headlights! After I got used to NPA I use this at the bars and this was the first pheromone I used that got me LAID!

Hot Phero Combo: Since New Pheromone Additive is such a strong sexual pheromone the best results were is when I used 30mcg of Androstadienone with 2 sprays of NPA. The raw sexual vibe of NPA + the love vibe that  dienone gives off acts like human velcro!

I hit up my local bar one night and couldn’t ignore this cute blondie giving me some serious IOI’s from twirling her hair and catching her glancing my way and smiling. At that point I made my approach and by end of the night I brought her back to my place.

The attention I received was truly incredible. I found that women where intentionally tapping me on my shoulder, “excuse me” with a smile as she walked away. I was experiencing the same blatant hits weekend after weekend, at that point I came to the conclusion that New Pheromone Additive is a sexual pheromone heavyweight champion.

Note: NPA + A1 has that “pull factor” with women. Meaning that women aren’t afraid to initiate contact with you or even approach you. That pull is something this combo is known to do. That pull was very noticeable with women from 30 – 40 year old age group.


 – If you need to catch her attention quickly – NPA does it!
– Most blatant sexual pheromone available
– Best results when used with Androstadienone
– Truth be told NPA is “sex in a bottle”!


 – Easily overdose on NPA and turn off women
– Some users find NPA to be smelly (so use a cover scent)

NPA is a MUST HAVE – because it works! It truly is sex in a bottle and it will make a believer out of you! All you need to do is mix it with your favorite cologne and watch the attention shift towards you. I can’t stress enough using NPA with Androstadienone – the attention from women was crazy.

Critical Update:
In the past it was LoveScent that carried this product however that is longer the case. Don’t buy their blue bottle NPA, it’s NOT the same. Get your NPA directly from LaCroy Labs which make NPA. They are located in South Africa so keep in mind where it would be shipping from. 

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