Androtics Direct MX297 MX297  pheromone cologne has gained a cult like following among users because of the social power-house this little gem possesses. After reading the reviews I decided to see what exactly MX297 had to offer.

Pheromone enthusiasts have known for a long time about this incredible party sauce. From my testing and experience I found MX297 to be a very cool, calm and a super friendly pheromone that is very useful in most if not all social settings. I first used this in the clubs and it’s an effective bitch shield killer. Great for you guys that hit the clubs.

The more I used MX297 I realized it was pure social and you MUST act the part and ‘be the party’ or you’ll conflict with this product. If you’re the quiet wallflower type, this may not be the best thing for you. Those ‘social butterflies’ will be the biggest benefactors of this great mix. Simply said this is life of the party mix. They have no problems getting into a fun/social/party environment. Hands down MX297 should be in every young man’s arsenal!

After exhaustive testing I did find a big drawback when using MX297 solo, it was keeping the woman aroused. You can easily number close on MX297 but it won’t make her sexually aroused, there is virtually no eNONE in MX297.  Problem is that coming off like some party animal, in many cases will cause women not to take you seriously. This has no “pull factor” with women so you really have to be on top of your game.

Hot Phero Combo: Using MX297 with a high eNONE (ie. Tuth, NPA or Ammo) product is a killer combo! That will draw in the girl to your high social and sexual pheromone signature.

Exploiting MX297 full potential:

– Be fun and add some sarcasm. Sarcasm when done correctly wins women over.
– Do what you want.
– Don’t be afraid to initiate kino.
– Steer the social power into that social sexy aura by adding eNone.
– What ever you do have fun!

Androtics provides MX297 in a full 30ml bottle and also a 5ml bottle. In all my testing all I needed was 2 sprays from the 5 ml bottle (that is equal to 1 spray from a 30ml bottle).


– Projects a ‘life of the party’ aura
– Celebrity / party animal in a bottle
– Can be used in nearly any social setting
– Great add on to your club game


– The 30ml size is fairly expensive best off with 5ml
– Need to steer to more a sexual signature and add eNone

Frankly speaking MX297 is hands down one of the best social pheromones I’ve ever used. However I must stress shy guys with little or no social skills will see NO benefit from MX297. In many ways MX297 is ‘party animal in a bottle’ only those with social skills will be able to pull it off.

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