M512 PheromoneNo doubt a fantastic product from HAX Pheroceuticals! M512 Pheromone is basically the Wingman Black label in oil version formulated for the hot and humid environment but WAY MORE hard hitting.  If you are looking for a product that makes you the center of attention and secretly admired by many this may be your product. By far one of the best stand-alones I have ever purchased. It’s social & the highest of status without intimidation. Works on the young, old, rich, poor, female, male and all races…EPIC!

Testing Results:
After taking a break from Wingman Black I read about the great results people had with M512 and the fantastic hits from women they were receiving. Much of the positive feedback was from the fact the oil version has the staying power…up to 8 hours after application. I went out of the town in Los Angeles and decided to use just 2 drops to the neck hoping to meet some hot women. As my friends and I walked into the bar I noticed how women of color (Black, Asian, Latin, etc) seem to become mesmerized by M512.I busted several women glancing at me as I walked past them.

As I worked the crowd with my buddies, M512 allowed me to use minimal game to get numbers and set up dates. Social, status and sexual attraction is rolled into this one product with a great price for those of you with budget restrictions. Funny thing you will get a lot of stares from women using this.

I held off on Hax products for so long to my own detriment. M512 really does work. If for any reason you are a fan of Indian, Black or Hispanic women then add M512 to your arsenal.


 – Awesome standalone
– Very sexual and social at the same time
– The oil will last up to 8 hours
– Works wonders on ethnic women!


 – May be a little too intimidating past 2 drops

I really liked M512, the status, sexual, social overtones made this very versatile. Awesome tool for you guys that prefer daytime pick up.

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