Love Scent

Love Scent is another very well respected pheromone company that has been around for sometime run by Bruce Boyd. They are unique in that they primarily distribute pheromones formulations to the general public. Their product line isn’t just for men they too carry a women’s line of pheromone products.

One thing I love about Love Scent is Bruce is always holding 25% discount sales which are clearly listed on the main page of the site. Make sure to check for that discount code!

  • About Us

    Pheromone Essentials was created by "Andromun" (frequent contributor on the forums) a well known pheromone enthusiast aimed at giving men the real truth behind pheromone colognes that actually work. It all started 17 years ago with just one to experimenting with several dozen pheromone colognes claiming to be the best. The main goal is to steer you away from the bullcrap and show you how pheromones can enhance your life.
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