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Garry Nelson is the founder of Liquid Alchemy Labs (or lal mones) located in Hawaii where all his pheromone formulations are made. Garry is very well known in the pheromone community for his top notch formulations but also his customer service skills. Bottom line: Gary isn’t out there purely for the money he actually has a passion for what he does and his product are a testament to this solid guy.

One thing I love about Liquid Alchemy Labs is Gary’s participation in the forums, his advice and the fact his formulations are of the highest quality. In addition many of the products come in spray, dropper or with a roll applicator tip. In the pheromone community (yes, there are forums of us talking about our “mone” experiences) Liquid Alchemy Labs is hands-down probably the best company out there in the industry.

Note: I don’t recommend the roll tip applicator – too hard to gauge the dosage. I have requested all my products with a “bulb dropper”.

Recently Liquid Alchemy Labs has pushed pheromone technology with the introduction of pheromone gel based products. They are the only company operating that are offering pheromones in a gel.

Another great thing about Liquid Alchemy Labs is they they have a full line of pheromones for men and pheromones for women.

Frankly speaking, LAL is in my opinion the best and most established pheromone company on the net. Make sure to read my Liquid Alchemy Labs pheromone reviews before making a purchase, there’s a lot of information you don’t want to miss.

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