L2K PheromoneThe newest item is L2K (License to Kill) from Alpha Dream. L2K is similar to Alpha Maschio but more complex with added molecules for comfort and socialability. In short LIIK is supposed to bring out the sexual in you but is social at the same time.

From the ingredients list there are several pheromones in L2K: androstadienone, alpha-androstenol, DHEAS, androstanone, androstenone, beta-androstAnol and several other compounds as well.

Just be aware there are two versions of L2K. V1 and V2. So what is the big difference? Version 2 is supposed to have more sexual pheromones than version 1

Testing results (L2K v.2)

I’ve been using pheromones long enough to know I can easily handle eNone since I’m in my mid-30’s I felt like getting v. 2 off the bat. Since I knew L2K has lots of social pheromones in it, I felt it would be work safe. I found my sweet spot to be 2 sprays with v.2 in the Leather & Steel scent was enough.

Off the bat I love the Leather & Steel scent, very masculine and fresh in my opinion with great diffusion. Since I tested L2K v.2 mostly at work and at the gym I found most of my hits were from the older ladies 30 to 40 crowd. L2K v.2 is a beast and I decided to use Glace to soften it up just a bit. That was the kick I needed NOT to scare away the younger women (20 somethings). After several days of testing L2K + Glace I was able to attract younger women, if I wanted 30 yr olds and older I went L2K v.2 solo.

L2K v.2 is a beast with a good dose of sexual and masculinity.
– Loaded with socials to temper it out
– 1-2 sprays is all you need
– Delivers very high attraction vibe
– I highly recommend the leather & steel scent

Testing results (L2K v.1)
Since v.2 served me very well I decided to pull the trigger on L2K v.1 which has more socials to temper this out. After intensive testing I found it hard to OD on v.1, in fact 3 sprays worked just fine. I was able to pick up on several hits with L2K v.1 solo.

– L2K v.1 works great on first dates
– Social / Sexual wrapped all-in-one
– Very effective standalone
– Very hard to OD (at least for me)
– I highly recommend the leather & steel scent

Note: For some reason I found that it took about 1 hour for both versions of L2K to shine. No questions v.1 has a ramp up period. Currently when I go out I spray L2K 90 minutes prior to hitting the bars.

Things to consider in L2K’s two versions:

– Younger guys will have a better go with v.1
– Older guys will see great results with v.2

Note: When ordering L2K the order page will ask you which version you want in a drop down, very simple.


L2K (v.1 and v.2) are great standalone products that project the bad boy / nice guy image. Both I felt deliver an incredible social / sexual vibe and make great for nights out on the prowl.

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