Instant Shine PheromoneInstant Shine or “IS” is part of the ‘social pheromone’ club that is fantastic for many situations. Many users report this pheromone makes you feel good and when you feel good, people around you feel good. It helps give you that vibrant, healthy, virile, appeal.

The great thing about Instant Shine as with other social pheromones, it’s very difficult to overdose when using them.

Testing Results:
With Instant Shine I spent the extra money and got the double strength version. This comes in Androtics “Necroli” scent which is not very heavy and has an orange aroma to it. What I like about it is that the scent is after 20 minutes of application it dies down rather quickly so it’s hardly noticeable and you don’t smell like that cologne guy. One very noticeable self-effects of Instant Shine is that it seems to put me in a good mood. Many other IS users have reported the same positive self-effects as well.

Hot Phero Combo: Instant Shine and Ammo = chick magnet! Easily one of my favorite combinations and it seems to work wondering attracting Blondes!


 – Instant Shine works!
– Fairly inexpensive starting at $39.95 for a 30ml bottle
– Comes in two strengths


 – Some users have reported a “crash” that happens after the pheromone wears off, almost like a caffeine like crash.

In my humble opinion, Instant Shine is one of the top shelf ‘social pheromones’ on the market and it would be wise to include this one into your arsenal.

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