IOInstant Openness or “IO” is another social pheromone very popular with Androtic’s users. This is the other product that has more of the Beta AndrosteNOL than Alpha Androstenol. The mix is 70% BetaAndrosteNOL and 30% Alpha AndrosteNOL.  Although this product has similar results like Instant Honesty, the difference is that when wearing “IO” the conversations are deeper.

The main result you’ll expect from Instant Honesty is it gives you more of a bonding feeling by having deeper conversations.

Sadly I passed up making this purchase when it was $59, now the price tag is $119, very expensive and frankly not worth the price. Another drawback to Instant Openness is the fact it’s meant to be paired with Ammo or Tuth.

I did have the 5ml bottle and tested this product and I will say it’s fantastic. However the cost is simply prohibitive at $119 for a 30ml bottle.

A great alternative to Instant Openness is Glace from Alpha Dream in addition Glace is only $39.99!

I can’t recommend it, how can you justify the $119 when there are alternatives for far less?