Instant GentlemenInstant Gentlemen or “IG” is heavy in AndrosteRONE like A314 but much softer. Basically “IG” is seen as the “little brother” of the more serious A314. Instant Gentleman also has a slightly sexy quality about it which works wonders for younger guys. You get the respect vibe but also the sexy fun guy as well.

This is huge when meeting women! Best description is “Prince Charming” in a bottle. Another good point to mention, you can use Instant Gentlemen day or night.

Testing Results:
As with my other testing I used IG in the office and a local market to change the environment a little. The hits mostly came from younger women and it was nothing short of OBVIOUS. In the office the younger girls found a reason to talk to me in my office and pretty much lingered there just looking at me hanging on to every word I spoke.

While at the market women seemed to move in my general vicinity looking at the same section I was. I also noticed they were much friendlier I busted several women looking at me…and then looking away.

Bottom line: IG works especially well on younger women. However when you combine IG and Ammo it reels in the MILF….no joke it a great mix.

The more testing I did I realized that IG is best for younger guys especially in your 18 to 23 age bracket.

Hot Tip: Combine IG with IS and it works like magic also on younger women.  IG has been reported to work especially well on Asian women.


 – Instant Gentlemen can be used as a standalone – BIG PLUS!
– Very versatile can be used in almost any situation
– Fairly inexpensive at only $39.95 for a 30ml bottle
– I highly recommend Instant Gentlemen if you are in your late teens or early 20’s


 – None that I was able to detect.

A great product to use even as a stand-alone can be worn both during the day and nighttime. I’ve had much fun using Instant Gentlemen and will continue to keep it in my arsenal. I highly recommend this product for younger guys.

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