Impi was a pheromone cologne that Love Scent was distributing back around 2013 that came in several scents.Impi Red Pheromone

  1. ‘Red Dot’
  2. ‘Yellow Dot’

I originally heard about Impi in a forum (thanks to ‘JohnnyHard’) and how he couldn’t stop raving about the hits he received from women. I took the plunge and bought Impi from Love Scent – I choose the ‘Red Dot’ scent. The best description I can give about the scent is it’s a spicy / musk type of scent. In my opinion very pleasant and definitely NOT a cheap smelling scent like Axe body sprays. Shipping was very fast (as always with Love Scent) and I received my product in a 30ml spray bottle.

Testing Results:
The results from Impi Red were in-your-face and too obvious to miss the cues from females.  I used Impi during the day and hit the local mall. I received some blatant stares from women shoppers and employees alike, it seemed as long as my target caught a good whiff of Impi I was getting noticed!

My next stop was a Pizzeria where I received the best results. First off it was much warmer and more of a confined area that allowed for Impi to diffuse much faster and better. There were two twenty somethings that could not stop looking at me. Ordered my pizza from the same girl at the register and her girlfriend was folding boxes. I sit down and face the window with my back to the register.

From the reflection on the window I was able to clearly see them smiling. After eating 1 slice they both come out from the register and start folding more pizza boxes on the table next to me the whole time smiling and sneaking glances at me. One of them (cute red head) asks me of I need anything else with a huge smile on her face.

If there was ever a time I doubted if pheromones work…Impi crushed that doubt forever!

NOTE: I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to attract women in their 20’s. Impi has that “pull factor” with younger women. It draws them in and is consistent every time.


– The scent for ‘red’ is fantastic
– Extremely effective on younger women
– Results are almost immediate
– Can be used as a standalone
– Has that ‘pull’ drawing women in


– Not the best product for use in cold weather climates
– They hiked the price with the re-release

Impi is a great standalone product, just click the link and under the price use the drop down to select the scent you want.

Critical Update:
For whatever reason has had issues stocking product. It’s been this way for some time so the links above and below will take you to LaCroy’s website. They are the South African manufacturer, rest assured you’re in good hands.

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