How To Use Pheromones

I started my pheromone journey back in 1999 and it’s been a long road of let downs and failed products until I found  success. Keep in mind that in the beginning there weren’t any forums or chat rooms to guide the newbie in using pheromones correctly.

As it was in my case you can easily misuse pheromones and not see any results. All this leads to frustration, wasted time and money down the drain.

Thinking about giving pheromones a try?

This page is meant for pheromone newbies or those looking for more information. I’ve seen too many first time users give up on pheromones because they didn’t have the right information. Information is POWER, when dealing with pheromones that simple truth can’t be ignored.

You just can’t pick up any bottle of a pheromone cologne and spray it where ever. No there is a little science and common sense when using these products.

A great way to know the parts of your body you generate the most heat for optimal pheromone diffusion is to have a great workout and see where on your upper body you generate the most heat.

Diffusion & Sillage:

  1. Diffusion is when your body heats up will releasing the molecules and disperse those molecules in your surrounding areas so others can inhale it.
  2. Sillage is a perfumers term meaning the vapor trail left behind from the cologne.

Application Points:

1st Step: Knowing what part(s) of the body pheromones best respond to. Spray to clean skin on major pulse-points such as:

  1. Neck (left side, right side or back of neck)
  2. Underside of your wrists, very popular app point for ‘social pheromones’. If you “talk with your hands” use this app point.
  3. Chest is also a good area to use especially with any eNONE heavy product.
  4. Behind the ears is another area really good for for any oil based pheromone for very close contact like in bars or clubs. Allows you to maintain eye contact when both of you lean in for close communication.
  5. Hair is another area many people use to spray their pheromones but mainly only ‘social pheromones’. The hair isn’t recommended for any eNONE heavy product.

These areas of skin generate the most heat, which enhances the performance of these formulas. Pheromones are for external use only, please don’t drink it!

2nd Step: When doing your research you need to be honest and figure out what type of pheromone you want. You need to ask your self do you want it for:

  1. Increase sexual attraction
  2. Increase your alpha status (great for business and sales)
  3. Enhance your social life / status

Once you do that then you need to find out which pheromones does what.

3rd Step: Know your setting! Some of the pheromones invoke sexual feelings do you think it would be appropriate to use it in Church? Of course not!!

4th Step: Find out your sweet spot for each individual pheromones (read below for sweet spot testing).

When you pull the trigger and actually buy pheromones you will need to test your “sweet spot”. When testing your sweet spot you are learning how many sprays/drops you need to gain the desired results you are seeking.

Here’s a very simple way to find your individual sweet spot any pheromone you purchase.

How long do pheromones last?

Any good quality pheromone product will generally last 4 to 8 hours. It also depends on the molecule, for instance eNone is well known to last even until the next day. Thus it’s important to wash thoroughly wash (warm water, soap) your app points.

Oil based pheromone product can last much longer up to 12 hours or more.

Instructions for ‘sweet spot’ testing:

When testing just use one (1) pheromone product at a time. This step is extremely important to ensure you are getting the proper results without outside influences. What works for 1 product might be completely different for another product. The great thing about testing you need as little as a week to determine what dosage works best for you.

 – Days 1 & 2: Use one (1) spray/drop each day
Day 3: Don’t use any pheromones
Days 4 & 5: Use two (2) sprays/drops each day
Day 6: Don’t use any pheromones
Days 7 & 8: Use three (3) sprays/drops each day

NOTE: For the days you are off pheromones make sure to bath with soap and water and scrub off any residual pheromones that may linger on your skin!

What should I be looking for?

During each day (on pheromones and off pheromones) keep a journal so you can record all your “hits”, anything you may have noticed or anything out of the ordinary. Even if you are unsure just write it down or keep a mental note.

What happens if three (3) sprays is my sweet spot – should I stop?

The answer is not necessarily.

Reason being: Four sprays could be better. Sure with three sprays you are getting noticeable hits from women but four maybe better. So when diving into pheromones TESTING, TESTING, TESTING is very important.

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