Glace PheromoneGlace pheromone cologne is designed to be a ‘social enhancer’ meant to boost your social status. This product is something the “shy guy” can really use, let’s face it human beings are social creatures. We all at one point feel the need to be accepted, be liked and feel connected. Glace helps to break through the ice, and bring out the best in yourself as well as those who surround you making conversations flow more easily.

Testing Results:
Since this is meant as a social enhancer I used Glace around friends and sometimes if I was in the office I experimented with Glace around my colleges.  The results were extremely positive however I must say you won’t have any over-the-top crazy results. Glace affects are very subtle but noticeable – here is what I experienced:

– Makes people much more talkative
– Turns negativity into positivity
– Seems to make people happier
– Makes parties better
– Seems to make people much friendlier
– Definitely helps your social life


– The is also unscented (big thumbs up!)
– 50 ml bottle – will last a long time.
– Very easy to have a conversation using Glace, communication becomes easy.


– Nothing negative can be said about Glace.

If you are in need to increase your social proof and need some help with “coming out of your shell” Glace is the way to go. Yet another winner from the team at Alpha Dream. Many pheromone enthusiast will say Glace is probably the best social pheromone in the market.

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