Essence Of WomanEssence of a Woman or “EOW” pheromone is a copulin formula pure and simple. Love Scent spent two years developing this and trust me, take a whiff and you will know what I mean! These sex pheromones are the most intense and most powerful on the market and they work wonders.

Although EOW is primarily used by women to attract men, I have found men using copulins in small doses to attract women as well. Just so you are aware copulins are fatty acids that occur in the vaginal secretions in females and are particularly pungent during ovulation. That being said EOW is a pheromone additive not a perfume.

Warning: I have to admit EOW STIIIIIINKS! Fact is there is an odor to it so you must wear a cologne to mask the order (preferably a musk scent will work great.

I will say that EOW is not for everyone. Essentially if you are MILF hunting or cougar hunting then EOW is your weapon to add in your arsenal.

The main reason to use ‘cops’: 

  1. It demonstrates you can get women and you gain social proof
  2. Acts like catnip with older women

Testing Results:
When I ordered my bottle of EOW it came in a 7.5 ml bottle with convenient eye dropper for easy application. I only use 1 small drop and only on my middle lower chest. DO NOT apply EOW to your neck! For guys I only recommend you use just 1 small drop.

Note: You need to wait at least 30 minutes after applying EOW to dry down, then use your favorite cologne and spray over it. If you fail to wait for EOW to dry the stink will bleed through your cologne and you will still smell EOW.

I tested EOW in the club one night when I used Ammo and Instant Shine (from Androtics) and just one small drop of EOW to the chest. The results were great, my friends treated me like I was “da man” and several women gave me that dreamy eyed look. With that I was able to approach with little effort and number close them…..not 1x, not 2x but 3 number closes!

As far as I’m concerned, EOW can work but done correctly. In my experience 1 SMALL drop was all I needed and it worked like a charm in conjunction with my other pheromone mix.


 – Fairly cheap only $29.95 and the bottle will last for a long time
– One small drop is all you need
– Massive attention from older women
– Can increase your social proof
– Lets women know you are more than just a “friend”


 – It fucking stinks! You must use a cover scent to mask the odor
– It really fucking stinks!
– It really, really fucking stinks!!

Bottom line EOW is very useful only if you want to “sex up” the pheromones you already have on. In addition if you are looking to attract older women then EOW maybe your weapon on choice. Just one thing, if you pick this up PLEASE use a strong cover.

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