Marketed by Pheromone XS as a “high potency androstenone oil” I knew I had to get this product when it came out…so apologies for the late review. Frankly I was looking for an in your face type DominationXS Pheromoneproduct so naturally I had to get my hands on DominationXS due to it’s androstenone content. On the site the product lists the following ingredients: Androstenone, Androstanone, Dipropylene Glycol. Knowing how well I respond to eNone I HAD to get this product!

Testing Results:
I took the time 2-3 weeks to really test this product out and started out testing my usual protocol. 1 drop for 3 days then take a day off moving up to 2 drops and so on. I have to be honest here after the 2nd week I was unable to pick up on any solid hits. To be truthful I couldn’t pick up on anything from DominationXS, I certainly wasn’t picking up the vibe that I was dominating my surrounding. I was unable to pick up any real attraction hits using this product and that was 3 weeks into testing.

Don’t know what else I can add here but DominationXS (at least for me) was a total dud.

Note: Even on the forums there isn’t a terrible amount of user data on DominationXS. Seems like other users have similar results to mine and didn’t have anything positive to report.


– None that I was able to detect


– For what ever reason my body chemistry didn’t mesh with this product

I have to admit I don’t know what went wrong here with this mix. I always get insane hits with high eNone but
DominationXS missed the mark and didn’t deliver. At the end of the day it was wasted time and money. I say pass on this one and save your cash for a better product.

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