Dirty Primitive Pheromone Dirty Primitive (aka DP) pheromone oil is by far the best in boosting your sexual signature that I’ve tried in the market.  Unlike EOW, Dirty Primitive is an oil based product and it contains eNone and copulins. I already knew just how terrible cops stink, but I decided to bite the bullet in the spirit of science.

I primarily only use cops when I want to sex up a mix I already have on. However the addition of eNone drew me to DP. Remember copulins are primarily used by women to attract men but men can also use copulins in small doses to attract women as well. Using copulins is great way to project “preselection“. Simply put, women find men more attractive if they have been with other women.

Copulins aren’t for everyone. If you are chasing older women (cougars) then Dirty Primitive will work just fine. Younger women will NOT find this pheromone signature very appealing and they will likely be turned off.

Two main reason to use ‘cops’:

  1. It demonstrates you can get women and you gain social proof
  2. Acts like catnip with older women

Testing Results:
When I ordered my bottle of Dirty Primitive I did request the “bulb dropper” but the “euro dropper” will also work fine as well. It came in a 10 ml bottle using 1 to 2 small drops is all you need, this product will last you a very long time.

Note: Never apply to your neck…too stinky. I always apply to my chest. I wait until the oil dries down and the scent fades and then I apply my cologne over that application point.

Right off the bat, I noticed that Dirty Primitive was far LESS OFFENSIVE than EOW. Don’t get me wrong cops still stink, but nothing like EOW. I tested several times and several situations and I received numbers hits and IOI’s from older women. Truly a fantastic add on to nearly any “attraction mix”. At most I was able to use 2 small drops without any negative reactions, however I did use socials.

Note: When you are using Dirty Primitive avoid using Cohesion or A1, dienone gives off that love or crush feeling that can conflict with cops.

As far as I’m concerned, Dirty Primitive outperformed other copulin based products because it was less stinky and the combination of cops and eNone worked wonders.


 – Outperformed EOW
– The order was less offensive
– Massive attention from older women
– Increases your social proof
– Lets women know you are more than just a “friend”


 – It still stinks so you need a cover scent to mask the odor

Bottom line Dirty Primitive is very useful if you want to “sex up” the pheromones you already have on. I can see older guys benefiting from cops, showing other women they “still got it”.

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