Corporativo is a pheromone cologne that is advertised as an “image enhancer”. This is meant for the corporate world giving the wearer the aura of trust and respect among his/her peers. In addition this is a Unisex, so it can be worn by both men and women.Corporativo Pheromone
I picked this one up because I work in outside sales. I basically wanted a pheromone blend that would come in handy when I meet decision makers and business owners.

I need an edge in sales and in particular doing outside sales can be challenging. I meet mostly with C-level executives and managers so trust and respect is something I must convey.

Testing Results:
I used Corporativo exclusively for work with blah results. First lets start with the positives. What I liked the most it was unscented so I could use my own cologne as a cover. I used this for 1 week mostly doing my outside sales and a little in the office.

I did a slight change in behavior from my peers but it didn’t pack a punch in the respect or social status arena. If you are in sales or running a meeting you want all eyes on you and your target(s) to hang on every word. The results frankly too subtle and not an in ‘in-your-face’ like Wolf or A314.


– It comes unscented and scented
– 50 ml bottle – will last a long time.


– Corporativo isn’t ‘in-your-face’ respect like some others.
– Requires multiple sprays

To be upfront Corporativo isn’t worth buying. It can’t hold a candle to Wolf or A314, there are other products out there that deliver better results….I say pass on Corpo.

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