Cohesion PheromoneCohesionXS is a comfort mone from PheromoneXS with a heavy dose of dienone but mixed with some other compounds that is supposed to not give users the depression side-effects which dienone is known for. Since I don’t suffer from dienone depression when I wear A1, this review is purely about the “calming and comforting” aspects that CohesionXS is supposed to perform.

CohesionXS pheromone cologne is said to be a great alternative to regular dienone, as you already know dienone (or A1) is known as the ‘love’ or ‘crush’ molecule because of its calming and comforting affect with women. I’ve always felt that A1 is an important molecule to have in your arsenal, especially when use a heavy eNone product.

Testing Results:
Since this is a comfort type mone I didn’t test this solo. I find that a dienone is best used in conjunction with an eNone heavy product. I used
CohesionXS + EvolveXS and with NPA. In my testing I found that it did bring that comfort level from my intended targets very much like straight dienone does.

My combination was 2 sprays of EvolveXS (or NPA) and 2 sprays of CohesionXS. I found CohesionXS to act near identical to regular dienone, however it was a little different. It seemed a little muted so users wouldn’t suffer from the depression side-effects. Despite that I did find that CohesionXS is indeed a good add on to NPA or Evolve however the connection wasn’t so blatant as straight A1. On the forums there seems to be an overwhelming thumbs up.

Other users that are sensitive to A1 have also reported they suffered from depression like effects when they used CohesionXS. In this respect I have to say that PheromoneXS failed in it’s attempt to improve on A1 without the depression.

Hot Phero combo: I’ve tested CohesionXS with NPA, Impi, Tuth and they all were great combinations. In all my testings I found:

  1. Relaxes women and chills them out
  2. Brings that comfort to almost any mix
  3. Has the ‘crush molecule’ AndrostaDIENONE


– Very versatile and can use in many mixes
– Best used for any mix that has eNone
– Creates that intimate bonding effect with women
– You can order it in spray or oil version
– No side effects from AndrostaDIENON  (at least for me)
– I was able to seal the deal with several women using this pheromone


– No negatives were really detected in all my testing
– Several forum members have reported A1 like depression

CohesionXS is a great add-on to your pheromone collection. It acts identical to regular dienone and will add comfort to any eNone mix creating that bonding / imprinting effect with your target. I must say that if you have ever experienced depression from AndrostaDIENON  then this pheromone isn’t for you. I have to bring this to your attention since forum members have a stated they too suffered from depression using CohesionXS.

Important Note:
Technically speaking CohesionXS is a failure. This product was meant to stop depression for those sensitive to DIENON  however other testers have reported depression. Also if you already have straight A1, then CohesionXS is a redundant product. There’s no need in buying something you you already have. 

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