C4 PheromoneI didn’t really know what to expect from C4 Pheromone when I first looked at it. Basically at the time is was so new, I decided to test this at work to see the reactions I would get.

Testing Results: At first it was a bitch to figure out but it became clear that C4 is a heavy alpha male / status pheromone.

Side Note: 2 drops and no more than that. Best to start with one drop and test from there to see what works best. Makes you the Alpha male of the group but not so overtly where you threaten the others. Without a doubt you will receive respect from others without the aggression or shit testing from other alpha males.

I had to admit, at first I was a little frustrated when testing C4 because at first I wasn’t seeing any results. For some reason it took some time for the results to become apparent (about 2-3 weeks), then I got the respect vibe. Weird? Yes, but in the end it did deliver results.

When using C4 you will need to act alpha and BE the part of the alpha male. That means paying close attention to your body language and how you position your body.


 – Good work pheromone option
– The oil will last you a long time
– Good for gaining status


 – For some reason there is a 2 -3 week learning curve
– The scent is nothing to brag about

Conclusion: Although C4 is a pretty good work pheromone and a viable option for anyone in sales. There was that learning curve I had to get used to.  Personally I feel that Wolf  is a better option and far more superior to the latest A314.

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