This pheromone is an interesting one since it’s a unisex type pheromone. In fact this was the very 1st unisex pheromone I ever purchased. Before I dive into my results let’s take a look into what inside Bliss XS.Bliss XS Pheromone

Ingridient list: AndrosteRONE-Sulfate, Alpha-AndrosteNOL, AndrostENONE, ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (ALLO-THDOC), DeHydroEpiandrostArone (DHEA), Dipropilyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

In a nutshell what is Bliss XS supposed to do?

“…uplifting feel good presence that draws others into your world. You’ll notice people will want to be around you, will smile and laugh with you and most importantly you’ll feel terrific.”

Hmmmm, that description had me thinking if they made a replacement of Androtics’ famed party pheromone MX297. Well not exactly but Bliss XS does have some very interesting qualities to it. First we need to get something straight about Bliss XS:

It will NOT generate any signs of attraction/intimidation/special interest from your targets. I also need to point out that Bliss XS isn’t an entirely pure social pheromone.

PheromoneXS was a trailblazer when it crafted pheromones that didn’t fit the typical social, sexual or alpha category. Bliss XS is a different kind of social vibe, more of the playful care-free vibe.

Testing Results:
A detail about this product is the self-effects of happy and a care-free type attitude it’s supposed to give the user. I rarely get self-effects from pheromones nowadays, additionally I learned a long time ago not to sweat the small things in life. However I will admit that Bliss XS seemed to make even the biggest problems that came my way less significant. Very subtle but I did pick up on that the more I wore Bliss XS. I did get a mild care-free attitude feel but nothing over the top, out of the ordinary or blatant.

Bliss XS isn’t an in your face type product, so I really had to pay attention to the subtle cues. Considering the fact I’m upbeat and am care free much of the time Bliss XS felt a little muted.

Note: The more I used Bliss XS I realized that the user is supposed to come across as cool, friendly and fun. This product is designed for those that are already in a good place and positive. For those of us that are negative or ultra quiet this pheromone will bomb and not help you.

I did notice that on nights out the fun vibe was present and those around me, both men and women were all having fun and just being positive. Truth be told I usually surround myself with positive people so I really can’t attribute those finding to Bliss XS entirely but I do sense it aided in the positive atmosphere.

– Boost in care free attitude
– Works best with fun personalities
– Works best in social gatherings
– Ups the mood of your targets

– Not a pick up or sexual type pheromone
– Terrible product for introverts
– Not worth buying for already positive upbeat people

Final Thoughts:
With all that Bliss XS has to offer and they are positive it didn’t do much for me. I’m already in a good place, generally positive and I rarely allow myself to get stressed out. All Bliss XS did was add to my already positive outlook, not necessarily a negative thing but it was redundant in my case. Frankly if you’re an already positive person you can skip on Bliss XS.

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