First off, I owe you guys a big “I’m fucking sorry” for not posting my Black Ops review back on March of 2013. Brad who runs HAX was cool enough to send this bad boy with a recent order so I decided to give Black Ops a try since I read some positive things about it.Black Ops Pheromone

Ingredient List:
On the site HAX list the following pheromone compounds in Black Ops – Androstadienone, Androstenone, alpha-Androstenol, beta-Androstenol, Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Androstanone (x2), Androstadienol, Estratetraenol and Oxytocin.

Understand that this product is marketed as a sexual pheromone product…my favorite kind!

Testing Results:
I decided to test Black Ops at a convention I had attended and went with 2 sprays (to my neck). The scent isn’t a high end type of cologne I must say it’s a light citrus type scent but you can easily use your own cologne as your cover. The scent is actually not bad at all, didn’t bother me whatsoever.

The location was at a huge convention site around 55k people in attendance so plenty targets I can record hits from.

Target #1:
I approach a booth that showcased their multi-vitamins and there was a booth babe handing out samples. She stops me from walking away and tells me about the product, gives me her spiel and then gives me some samples. As I walk away she stops be again and hands me some more samples,

Understand these booth babes or reps wanting to showcase their product, find buyers and sell them and move on. It was the 2nd attempt she made to further talk to me that grabbed my attention. She was older early to mid forties Latina but still looked great.

Target #2:
Another booth from a company based in Singapore, the Asian lady was extra sweet and nice to me and gave me loads of samples to take. Funny thing is that at events like these they usually hold on to samples until the last day so they don’t run out early. She didn’t seem to mind, she just loaded up my bag.

At this point I understood that Black Ops makes you more attractive and approachable . I also need to point out it has that magnetic pull with women…wow!

Target #3:
I stop by a booth showcasing “Pukka” tea and their rep (early 40’s American/White gal and in great shape) stops me and seats me to talk about distributing their product. I literally had to get up and basically excuse myself after 15 minutes of her talking. I was cordial and flirted with her right back but funny as hell.

There were several more hits with passers by as I walked up and down the aisles checking out product. I found several female reps from booths and others seemingly getting close to me. It also works on men making you their buddy. Make no mistake this product is hard hitting!

Bottom line? Black Ops is a high attraction mix that hits everyone and with NO intimidation.

After these results I used Black Ops during the day and hitting the bars and the results were all the same. Very positive and worked up to 3 sprays with no overdose. I guess that’s why on the site it’s also referred to as “Call of Booty”, nice touch there HAX.

– Excellent ice breaker pheromone
– Top notch product for cold approaches
– Makes you more attractive and approachable
– Can easily drive this product to more sexual
– Hard hitting blend
– Has that pull with women

– None I was able to observe!

Final Thoughts:
No doubt Black Ops is an amazing product, truly an amazing pheromone blend that will work GREAT for day game and nighttime as well. What made this product stand out, was that it allowed me to talk to prospective clients with ease and that same flow translated outside of work with normal everyday women.

I found Black Ops to be a solid consistent hitter and a great opener type of mone. Just made the introduction so much easier with little resistance.

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