Finally my testing report for Bad Wolf pheromone cologne from Liquid Alchemy Labs is here!

It’s no secret that LAL is easily my top pheromone cologne company due to their proven track record. When I first heard that Bad Wolf was coming out I was excited about this new “Alpha Sexual Aggressive” formula. Bad Wolf Pheromone

I understood off the bat that Bad Wolf is not meant for “beta”, “shy” or “passive” guys. Bad Wolf is meant for the guy who has the nuts to rock a heavy alpha / sexual signature. Bottom line your social skills need to be on point to really take advantage of this powerhouse.  Essentially, the mindset with Bad Wolf is – go big or go home.

Testing Results:
I tested Bad Wolf for a solid month and I noticed immediately the self-effects with two days. My swagger was in full affect and I wasn’t taking shit from no one.
Bad Wolf took that to a whole new level one day while I was talking to a “high value” customer. Problem is this customer called thinking he could chew me out. As his tone was getting higher and giving me attitude, my temper got the best of me and said to myself – NOT FUCKING TODAY. I told my customer off, shut him down and said he can use another vendor.

I’m in sales and this is 100% out of character for me. You find a solution and help the customer out, however I wasn’t in the mood. My customer service team was shocked to hear me yell at a customer and slam the phone down. I repeat this was a big customer and I fired him!

Using this made me want to put someone through a fucking wall if they looked at me the wrong way. The self-effects were obvious but not necessarily positive.

For the month I was testing Bad Wolf in the bar scene, I noticed no real hits with the ladies I was targeting. I used different dosages from 1 to 4 drops but there were no “hits” I was able to pick up on. I stopped using Bad Wolf for 2 weeks and gave it another go.

The results? Same as before nothing I was able to pick up on and I wound up throwing the bottle away, I guess my body chemistry didn’t agree with Bad Wolf.

NOTE: I must also state that even though Bad Wolf isn’t a home run in the attraction dept. the self-effects were very obvious eroding any “beta-vibe”.


– Smells great
– The self-effects were off the charts
– Noticeable spike in confidence
– Boost in a IDGAF attitude
– Very strong alpha vibe


– The attraction from the opposite sex didn’t come
– Increased aggression (could work against you)
– Terrible as a work pheromone
– It sucks

Frankly speaking – Bad Wolf was a big let down in the attraction department. The biggest benefit are the self-effects it gave me, however those self-effects came at a huge cost. The aggression I got from it was a liability.

There some uses that have reported positive results from women but I didn’t see them at all. If for any reason you are prone to anger or if you’re short tempered, this product isn’t for you.

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