Aqua Vitae PheromoneAqua Vitae or “AV” pheromone cologne is a best seller for the high attractant sexual vibe it brings out. It contains a blend of 7 pheromones making this a complex but well balanced product. Keep in mind the main pheromone is AndrosteNONE, which gives the user (in this case men) a dominant, influential, alpha impression to the opposite sex.

However, as mentioned there are 6 other pheromones balancing out eNONE’s intimidating affects while escalating the trust and friendliness feelings, maintaining the influential aura of the strong male. I decided to pick up a bottle based on the reputation of this company.

Testing Results:
I will start off saying that I found my sweet spot to be 2 – 4 drops max. The scented option is actually really good but you can also get AV unscented as well. I wore this primarily at night and I noticed it gave me the “I’m da man” vibe, and it did amplify my confidence. It definitely gives out sexual/attraction vibe but will only work if you are outgoing and not afraid to initiate conversation.

Since Aqua Vitae contains’ a good dose of AndrosteNONE it will require the user to have same “game”. Meaning you have to be NOT AFRAID to open women since they may be intimidated (especially true with younger women). However once you do they will be drawn to your “secret sauce” scent. I have to admit with younger gals it may prove hard to close them with this product. I easily got their attention but AV was challenging. It requires you to really use your verbal skills to seal the deal on younger 20 somethings.

The biggest challenge with Aqua Vitae is that it can be a little over the top and just plain blatant. If you have ever felt “invisible” in the bars or clubs then Aqua Vitae will end that. Some women may feel intimidated but all you need is a little confidence to open them in a playful way. Flirting is a man’s secret weapon with any woman!

Hot Phero Combo: I have to put my hands up and say that Aqua Vitae + Glace = sexual chemical warfare!  (This combo is from a member on the forum and I can vouch for it’s effectiveness). Between these two mones that are pure sexual and pure social the effects on women will be very obvious. I love using this combo, very simple yet effective.

Note: I must say if you’re not confident, wearing AV can be very frustrating with inconsistent hits. On that note, AV isn’t very beginner friendly for those starting with pheromones. If you are a naturally confident guy, Aqua Vitae pheromone cologne will get you into beast mode!


– Can be used as a standalone
– Comes in scented and unscented versions (get scented)
– Attraction hits are many times blatant
– Can be used during the day or night


– Avoid the “roll on” tip applicator – too hard to dose accurately
– Terrible choice for the shy or introverted guy
– Not very beginner friendly

Aqua Vitae is indeed a winner but I have to admit in the beginning it was a pain in the ass to test.  It took me some time to get the hang of it. AV allowed me to move things into a more flirty direction very easily. I prefer this as a nighttime high attraction pheromone but can be used during the day. Just remember when ordering Aqua Vitae get the “bulb dropper” on the order and check out page (very simple).

I have to reiterate that AV is best used for those that are outgoing. AV will not work if you just sit back and look for hits.

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