Apex Pheromones does it again with it’s new incarnation – Praetoria. Recently I ordered my 2nd bottle of Core and I wanted to ask “Thundr” a couple of questions. He in typical fashion answered them but also said to ask for a sample of Praetoria when ordering so I did.Praetoria Pheromone

I get my goodies in the mail expecting a sample of Praetoria but he have me a full bottle size! On the receipt he mentions it’s high in eNone and described it as “some next level shit”. Thundr didn’t really go into details but I have experience in eNone products so I know how to handle it.

Testing Results:
Off the bat the scent is very mild and Thundr described it as Ambroxan, no where near as strong as Crash or Fury.

When I tested Praetoria solo I noticed the following:

  1. A sharp boost in my confidence…unmistakeable for sure.
  2. More respect from the guys at the gym.
  3. More attention from the girls, more than the usual to make it noticeable. Nothing was over the top but at just 1 spray it was very noticeable.

What made Praetoria stand out is that even though it was described as a “high eNone” product I found it easy to break the ice without coming off as threatening. In my book that is a HUGE plus.

I tested Praetoria again, however this time I jumped the gun  a little early by layering it with P96 (from Androtics)

You always was to test a new mone out solo until you understand it, however I wanted to attract the ladies so I rolled the dice. All I can say from that night at the bar was the mood was really positive and cool and we’re all having a good time. I noticed a lot more attention from women however I made the mistake by not adding a cover.

On the forum Thundr gave some more insight on Praetoria:

90% of praetoria’s mild scent is ambroxan. The other 10% is balsa wood. This provides a very unique and heavy fix. How do we get a heavy ass plane off the ground? It is designed to have your cover sprayed directly onto it. While it is wet. That is the key.

Heres the app methods we have been doing so far:
Spray to forearm. Close enough to create a wet spot. Shoot cover directly on wet spot. Gently mix around.

The above is key to maximize the results from Praetoria. In addition he also divulged that although Androstenone is the main driver, there’s also Alpha nol, beta nol, androstadienol, alpha and beta rones, cops. It explained a tremendous amount as to how well this product worked on me.


– The formula is solid hitter for the nightlife.
– High in eNone but very well balanced.
– Seems to bring a beautifying effect on the user.
– Elevates the aura of the user


– A good strong cover scent is required, just use your own cologne.

Conclusion: Frankly speaking I was very impressed with the hits I was getting and how well balanced it is. For those that are fans is high eNone products then I recommend you get your hands on Praetoria. Since this is so new, Apex Pheromone hasn’t even listed this yet. You’ll have to request it from the site via eMail or at check out.

Critical Update:
Since this was in Apex’s “Test Kitchen” section that means it was a little project that Thundr was working on but for limited release. As of now this product is no longer available.

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