Seems like Apex Pheromones has done it again with this new ‘social sexual’ pheromone formulated by Thundr. After my successes with Core and Praetoria I knew it was necessary to pick up another product. A prominent forum community member (V-Nice) did the phero community a favor by reporting his results. He isn’t one to bullshit so I chose to pick up a bottle myself to test.

I went with the recommended dosage of 2 sprays and I also got M3X in Pulse scent. I will argue that Apex has a phenomenal scent package and ‘Pulse’ is very pleasant to the nose and not overwhelming.Method 3X Pheromone

Testing Results:
On the website, Method 3X was designed with women over 3o years old in mind however I found that assumption totally incorrect. In fact I was getting getting results from 20 somethings just as easily with little to no intimidation. My testing ground was hitting up my local watering hole.

I clearly recall as walking my way to the bar (crowed that night) there were several instances I  received a tremendous amount of side glances from random women from 20’s to your 30 year olds. It wasn’t until afterwards but I realized this product hits instantly with a long reach. As I get my drink my buddy and I start chatting up two women, I get my buddy over to act as my wingman and I focus on the Latina I found cute. The social side really shines in that the conversation was smooth and easy and I could tell this gal was into everything I said.

Whatever joke I cracked she was laughing and the kino action M3X was able to conjure up was obvious. Her friend had to leave shortly after but the gal I was interacting with was clear she wanted to stay. She asked for my phone and programmed her number in.

Needless to say I texted her to see she got home safe and we went out a few days later on a date.

I continued my testing (strictly in the bar setting) and I found nearly 100% of the time my interactions with women were positive. I did notice (that can be easily missed) are all the invitations by women. Several times women made the attempt to start a conversation with subtle cues.

This is where a lot of us drop the ball. If a women you’re interacting with sends an invitation to open her, dance or asks you questions…that’s where you need to be alert and game her.

Note: M3X shines in two ways: (1) This eNone driven product does amazing job of opening women sexually to you (2) There is that ‘pull factor’ with M3x, women will send you invitations to open them.

To better understand M3X, it works BEST with sexually liberated women. This behaves very much like a heat seeking missile which has caused this gem to hit my top 5 favorite mones on the market.

There is a lot of talk and speculation (Thundr pretty much confirmed) the presence of a dis-inhibiting molecule P83 in the formula.

This part is where you need to pay attention. Dis-inhibition can be really positive or very negative depending on the situation. The positive is that you’re gaming some chick who digs you and she’s she’s down to fuck….win! However, it can also have the effect where they speak their mind with no filter. That can rear it’s ugly head maybe cause unwanted shit testing or ball busting.

Note: To be upfront, I only use M3X as my nighttime mix when I’m on the prowl and looking to hook up. I have yet to experience any shit testing or bull shit from anyone.

A few users mentioned that wearing M3x also caused shit testing from superiors lending to the strong implication it has a dis-inhibiting molecule. As a general rule I don’t like drama in the workplace so I always go for a more alpha mix.

Note: I consider M3X as a home run blend. No real need to combo this with another product wearing it solo you can get laid easily.

– Incredibly easy to open women
– Opens women up sexually to you
– Excellent as a standalone
– Conversation flows effortlessly
– Has the ‘pull factor’ with women
– Top notch product for single men

– Not a workplace type pheromone
– Not a good mone to wear around your significant other
– The dis-inhibition in certain situations may be negative

Final Thoughts:
I’m convinced that M3X is specifically made for single guys. If you are a single man and looking to meet single women, then M3X is the blend to have in your arsenal. In a social environment especially with alcohol flowing you’ll be shooting fish in a barrel.

Luckily Apex Pheromones has added M3X added this product to their product line so it looks like they intend to keep this product around.

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