There’s a new social pheromone that’s currently making waves in the industry and its name is Core!

Ever since I got involved in the community back in 2011 I was amazed to see just how many pheromone enthusiasts there actually were.

It was in these forums that I came across a serious poster by the name of “Thundr” who would regularly post Core Pheromonehis pheromone escapades. Much of it was hilarious but always on the educational level. He does a great job in giving newbies how the pheromone works. The one quality that Thundr always showed is that he always kept it real and he always spoke from the heart with no bullshit.

In short he became a student of pheromone molecules and he began mixing it himself and making his own blends. On the forum he announced the birth of Core, a new type of social pheromone that would open more doors for the user.

Frankly speaking I was surprised that he took the leap, you really don’t see that many members that would experiment with mixing molecules, testing them, only to offer them to community members. Keep in mind that he’s like the rest of us; he has a 9 to 5 but decided to have some fun and actually make a product.

Testing Results:
I was one of the 1st to order Core from Thundr and was impressed with the scent package (scent was Crash), near to a commercial quality cologne. I have to say again the scent is fucking amazing, I love it! I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was crisp and fresh…real nice!

The self-effects were interesting: I did notice a ‘pick me up’ type of feeling, I just felt good. Don’t know if Core is supposed to do that but there you have it.

Knowing it was a social I used 2 sprays and I was off to work. All day in the office I noticed how everyone is friendly towards me and overall the two younger chicks in the office responded towards me with more eye contact and chatted me even more than normal. Everyone is general seemed to be at ease, nothing over the top but I did notice changes and it was all positive.

I tested Core by itself for the next 3 days and it was all the same. The mood in the office was very up and everyone around me was extra friendly. I then decided to pair Core with Ammo and it was hit city! I literally had several ladies eye fucking me while I was running some simple errands at the pharmacy, Costco and Target!

Hot Phero Combo: My first combination was using Core + Ammo and it worked amazingly well. Also many users are using Core + Nude Alpha with incredible results.


– The scent package is incredible.
– The social properties of Core makes it a solid hitter.
– In many cases Core’s social power will have women opening you up.
– Even as a standalone Core lives up to its power.
– Elevates the aura of the user


– No negative results were noticed.

Conclusion: Have to say that Core have been a revelation since it was an active community member that created this social pheromone powerhouse. Frankly speaking the hits Core generated were too hard to ignore, it’s quickly climbing my list of favorite social pheromones.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you visit the site it looks a little rough around the edges. Keep in mind Thundr isn’t a web designer and has a normal day job. He does this on the side so he can’t make a killer website. Leave your prejudices aside and just order – he delivers solid products and Thundr is a stand up guy.

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