Here’s  a fairly new product from Apex Labs’ test kitchen. According to early speculations it’s supposed to be similar to “Titan” however Thundr decided to remove some of the buffers and created Atlas….a high respect status pheromone. Atlas Pheromone

With my last order from Apex I decided to give Atlas a try and it took some time for me to get a good handle of this pheromone. Understand that Atlas isn’t a simple mix, it’s complex will take time to test out properly.

Testing Results:
Knowing this was a high status respect pheromone I wanted to test this exclusively in the office setting. I worked up to 2 sprays max and I have found that
Atlas indeed generates a fair amount of respect from my peers both on younger and older targets. I get a more serious to the point type vibe with Atlas but there isn’t that fear or intimidation type aspect. The vibe I received was more masculine. That in turned was received by my targets as “this is a man I’m talking to” so the respect I got was organic.

Self Effects:
Rarely do I get self effects from mones but I will say that with Atlas I get NO aggression from this mix. Unlike Bad Wolf which proved to be a terrible mix,   Atlas is great in that I don’t get aggressive or agitated.  Atlas keeps you level headed and cool.

Effects On Targets:
From my perception people were very respectful but nothing over the top. As I mentioned Atlas doesn’t have that fear mechanism rather a very masculine type feel + respect. A very workable and manageable type mix and great for the work environment.

One very curious thing about Atlas that I noticed – ZERO shit testing. Very interesting indeed because with any alpha mix you’re bound to get shit tested from another alpha male. With Atlas it seemed that other Alphas, they treated me like an equal.

My other Atlas testing ground is when I was “hitting the pavement” for work and walking into doors to solicit business. Normally they tell you to “no thank you”, “were too busy”. However that day, my targets listened to what I had to say and the interactions were smooth.

The respect I experienced from using Atlas was obvious that day. I entered many businesses and nearly all my face-to-face interactions were very similar.

As far as pull or any kind of sexual attraction present in Atlas, none I was able to pick up on. In fact I’ll say there was none. I also didn’t notice a really huge social aspect with Atlas, seems like you are the driver and you need to open up and invite others in.

Final Thoughts:
Atlas in my book a winner, this high respect status mone puts you on the same level of other alphas. As long as you carry yourself like one, you get no shit testing. I will say this is still in the “test kitchen” so no one knows how much longer this will be available.

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