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We now present Androtics! Wow…..just wow! It’s official that Androtics Direct is DEAD! From the ashes we now have Androtics with a totally re-vamped website and a select few of their pheromones has made it to the final cut. For nearly 8 years Androtics Direct was spiraling down the toilet and much of it was their own fault. Too many droughts on pheromones and certain molecules and ZERO new products.

What Androtics Direct failed to do was to operate their site like a business and only as a research type of site. The result, chemists left or in some cases died, the result was lack of innovation and complacency.

Now it looks like they decided to run an actual business albeit they should have done this years ago. They have removed many of their pheromones and zeroed in on their most popular. Now they have just a handful of pheromones for both men and women.

This will be a work in progress as I begin to test their new product line….fingers crossed perhaps they will survive after all scaling down and focusing on new products.

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    Pheromone Essentials was created by "Andromun" (frequent contributor on the forums) a well known pheromone enthusiast aimed at giving men the real truth behind pheromone colognes that actually work. It all started 17 years ago with just one to experimenting with several dozen pheromone colognes claiming to be the best. The main goal is to steer you away from the bullcrap and show you how pheromones can enhance your life.
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