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Androtics Direct is without a doubt a major player in the pheromone cologne for men market. Bottom line they put out great products and the customer service is probably one of the best I have experienced. I started with Androtics Direct almost 5 years ago and I currently have several bottles which I have thoroughly tested. They also have a forum which for the most part is pretty good and many senior members do offer great advice.

They offer their pheromone colognes in 5ml and 30ml sizes and for your newbies they also have an “instant line” of their pheromone colognes. For the more advanced users they also have “Putative” and “Experimental” pheromones.

In the past Androtics has had several detractors all criticizing them for almost anything. My biggest issue with Androtics Direct is their lack of new products. In fact they haven’t come out with any new pheromone blends since 2011.

Some common complaints are the following:
Overpriced items: Very true with Instant Openness  and Instant Jerk and a few of the experimental and putatives mixes. However the reality is the prices are very reasonable to other vendors.
Quality control issues: Seems for whatever reason their flagship product A314 has been suffering from quality control on the past 3 years with the most recent batches under performing from earlier versions. In my opinion it’s utterly ridiculous how they messed up.
Out of stock: Yes it’s true many of the classic “rare” molecules and mixes when out of stock never to return – VERY disappointing and frustrating but these were test mixes and weren’t mass produced. Recently they have brought back CTTM, P96, P86 and others as well but they still have droughts on many products from time to time.
Lack of new products: For whatever reason they are stagnant and I haven’t seen any new product from them in a long time.

END OF AN ERA: Actually it’s not the shocking once you think about it. Seems that Androtics is closing their doors to the public!

Yep, you read correct they are closing and will open a ‘members only’ site for their current members. Truly insane to think about it but they brought it on themselves with zero product development in years.

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