Androstadienone PheromoneAndrostadienone (aka dienone or A1) is a phenomenal pheromone molecule known as the “love pheromone” or “crush molecule” because it has been documented to nearly force women to fall in love with you. I decided to pick up a bottle of DIENONE to enhance my current pheromone arsenal. Notice I said, “enhance” since A1 is meant to be worn with other pheromones (particularly eNONE) forming a bonding agent. So not only do you get the sexual hit from NONE but A1 kicks in with it’s comforting love factor.

I did a ton of research on DIENONE to find the right vendor that sells single molecules and adhering to the top-notch quality standards. The one company I found that was well known for its quality was Liquid Alchemy Labs – I bought the 10ml (5mg) option which translates to 10mcg per drop.

Testing Results:
The general consensus was 10mcg per drop was where you want to begin. Considering the fact I’m in my mid-30′s I use a lot of eNONE however I still need to buffer it’s effects – of course A1 made a great option to do so. I like to use 30 mcg of A1 and I usually apply it to the back of my neck.

When wearing A1 and NPA I have never experienced so many blatant attraction hits! Since I’m not shy it took almost no effort to talk to women wearing this combo. Aside from NPA you can also use A1 with Tuth, Ammo, Alfa Mashio and Aqua Vitae with really great results.

I’ve used A1 with NPA for a long time when I was out on the prowl hitting up the bar scene. I received so many invitations from women (from IOI’s) to come over and talk to them or dance…anything for me to open them up. It was this simple combo that helped me seal the deal with a number of women. I had it all from the number close to kiss close to bringing her back to my place or hers.

I have to bring to your attention one very important aspect of A1. There is a major side-effect from other users….depression. From some reason in many users they have reported severe depression like side-effects with A1 and ANY pheromone that contains A1. I never experienced that side-effect so I had nothing to worry about.

Hot Phero Combo: 30mcg will work like a charm with any eNONE heavy product. The absolute best combo is A1 and New Pheromone Additive. Quite frankly women will notice you immediately and it won’t take much to open them in a conversation. However, A1 will also work well with Tuth, Alfa Maschio and Evolve as well.

What separates  A1 from other molecules is its ability to leave a lasting impression of you in her mind. It has an imprinting quality if you will with women.

Warning: Since androstadienone is known to cause depression in some men, I highly recommend that if you choose to get this product test it. If you experience any depression then simply return the product for a full refund from the supplier. I recommend that you keep A1 away from your nose and don’t use it every day.


– Increased attraction from women
– Works wonders with any eNONE heavy product
– Leaves an imprinting type memory in her mind
– Can cause an intense ‘falling in love’ reaction with women
– Calms women down reducing stress


– Can cause depression in some men
– Not very effective using solo

I feel that A1 is truly a must have for men to add in there pheromone tool box. However I also have to bring to your attention that with the negative self-affects that some men do experience I would not recommend this product to anyone that has suffered from depression or are being treated for some psychological issues. To get your bottle click the link; A1 and select Unmixed Pheromones under “Pheromone Types” in the navigation tab.

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