Ammunition Pheromone

Ammunition or “Ammo” pheromone cologne has to be easily one of my favorites from Androtics. I my humble opinion, a must have. Arguably one of the most well rounded products I’ve used; this has enough alpha, sexual, and social vibe that makes it a great stand-alone product. This bad boy contains the big three ingredients; AndrosteRONE, AndrosteNONE and Alpha AndrosteNOL.

Ammo also comes in 2 strengths standard strength (1x) or heavy cologne strength (2x). As with Tuth for your younger guys 1x is sufficient and for you older men 2x will work just fine.

Keep in mind this does have enough eNONE that if you use too much you can overdose on this product.

Testing Results:
Off the bat I will say I got the double strength full cologne version of Ammo and the scent is strong but it’s okay. The best description of Ammo’s scent is a musky scent. I tested Ammo in the office and it was a hit with the younger ladies. I received one blatant hit from a buxom 20 something that asked me how to use a Xerox machine…really??!!

The best description I can give with Ammo is it’s a social, sexual pheromone. In short you are that fun, sexy, alpha guy whom the ladies want to know.

Hot Phero Combo: Although Ammo makes a great standalone, Ammo + Instant Shine = chick magnet hitting your 20 something blondes hard.


 – Ammo is a great standalone, simply spray and go
– Very versatile can be used in almost any situation
– Comes in two strengths (single & double strength)
– Fairly inexpensive starting at $39.95 for a 30ml bottle


 – Younger guys I recommend single strength to avoid overdose

Ammo is just a great product that younger guys can easily master, very versatile and can be used in almost any situation.

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