Alpha 7This bad boy was a classic product from Love Scent, a real hard hitting in your face aRone and aNone heavy mix. I have to admit I’m a huge fan of “in-your-face” mones because it matches my personality. I read a lot of positive reviews about Alpha 7 so I wanted to finally give this one a shot.

Testing Results:
I ordered Alpha 7 when it was on sale and tested this for a solid week solo. I started with one drop because it’s so potent I had to be careful. Remember one thing, Alpha 7 is supposed to be a heavy alpha / sexual mix and you have to carry yourself well and read the hits.

After two weeks of testing I got NO hits at all from using Alpha 7. I followed the normal testing protocol and even went up to a large dose of 4 drops. I got zilch, nada, zero NOT ONE fucking hit! Needless to say I was pissed.

Note: I reported my findings with my fellow pheromone enthusiasts and sure enough it came out that the manufacturer changed the formula. Frankly speaking it was a big let down knowing it was a dud since I my hopes ran high. Several other community members also confirmed it did not work for them as well.

Of all the things that could happen the manufacturer changed the formula. That’s like changing the formula of Coca Cola, it doesn’t work. I contacted customer service and requested that I get a refund. All I had to do was send back the used portion.


 – I got a refund


 – It doesn’t work!

Please don’t judge Love Scent as a whole for this failed product, they are a good company but Alpha-7′s formula changed. In the end I returned it and got a refund. As it stands I WILL NOT VOUCH for Alpha 7, it simply didn’t work.