Looking into new alpha blends, Alpha Treasures (AT) was the 2nd pheromone I tested from Pheromone Treasures. It seems these days there’s a high demand from the community for an alpha pheromone, partly due to A314 no longer available on the market. Since that fiasco with Androtics more and more pheromone manufacturers are trying to come up with their own alpha formula.Alpha Treasures

After my own very negative testing with Bad Wolf I really didn’t know what to expect from Alpha Treasures. It took me nearly a month to really grasp the nuances of this pheromone blend.

Product Description:
Understand that this is an oil based pheromone with a guaranteed 14mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle. The formula is a proprietary blend of pheromones designed to give you control and be a leader. As the site states:

Alpha Treasures speaks for itself and can be used in a wide array of environments without being out of place. At its core, it is determined to make you the best you you can be.

Testing Results:
This time around I ordered Alpha Treasures in “Cold Water” scent very similar to that other classic scent with the similar name. After testing I found my dosage to be 3 drops. Since this is an alpha pheromone I tested this one in the office and I must say this alpha blend is very different than A314, Wolf, Atlas or Bad Wolf.

The best comparison I can give is that Alpha Treasures is not as serious like A314 nor is it social like Wolf. If I’m to peg this one it’s somewhere in the middle. There were no self-effects I was able to pick up on however at times I got a IDGAF attitude but no where near like BadWolf. There is absolutely no intimidation from Alpha Treasures which frankly didn’t surprise me. Not every alpha pheromone has to have that intimidation factor for it to be considered “alpha”.

I did notice something while using Alpha Treasures, I experienced minimal shit testing from my peers with the exception of one time. I clearly remember a female co-worker telling me “you’re an asshole” and that’s because at times I can be an asshole with my ball busting. To be honest I like that comment because it’s better than being some weak ass beta pussy. I’ve known her for 7 years so she already has an opinion of me before mones. Frankly that to me as a compliment more than anything.

Note: The more I tested Alpha Treasures I also noticed no aggression, anger or being short tempered. This is a huge plus since BW gave me terrible aggression.

Additionally one unexpected benefit with AT, there’s a  sexual kick to it but nothing over the top. This was surprising since nearly all of the alpha blends on the market failed trying to achieve this simple concept. The gals in the office seemed to hover around me at times in the office and the kino came easy. I noticed several times the hands on my shoulder, back and coming by my desk to chit-chat.

Now back to more of the alpha vibe while using AT, as far as the respect I got it was more like “okay lets see what he has to say” without someone challenging me. Real smooth, attractive and comfortable. AT gave me that suave alpha guy feel without being overbearing. Just keep in mind that AT will not deliver that in-your-face respect where everyone bows down to you.

– Gives you a suave status vibe
– No negative self-affects
– More of an attraction/status pheromone
– Great around younger women
– Terrific around your current girlfriend
– Minimal shit testing

– Not an in-your-face alpha pheromone

Final Thoughts:
After my testing of Alpha Treasures I’m leaning that AT is more attraction alpha than status alpha. Even though you can use AT in the professional environment I feel the biggest impact will be with your current girl, dating life or even with your wife. You want your women to look at you like a man and Alpha Treasures will take you there.

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