Alfa Maschio Pheromone

Alfa Maschio comes in at the 2nd best selling pheromone Alpha Dream has to offer. It’s advertised as the “Bad Boy”formula for men but frankly it’s far more than that! This pheromone blend contains 8 different pheromones that gives off that “in demand guy girls want to meet”.

That’s all fine and dandy but does it work?

When I made my purchase I chose the Sandalwood Musk scent. I highly recommend you purchase it scented for 2 major reasons:

  1. Since it contains AndrosteNONE, a cover scent will mask the order (about 25% of people can smell it much like body order).
  2. Since this is a complex mix you want the cover scent to help disperse the pheromones in the air so women pick up on your scent.

Testing results:
After about 10 days of testing my sweet spot was just 2 sprays.
 The results were fantastic especially in the bar scene. I knew Alfa Maschio was potent when at work I was receiving some blatant hits from several women. In my experience it hits right away and it hits a broad rage of women: from 20’s well into 40’s.

In the office / work most of the hits and IOI’s from women were: lingering near me, girls locking eyes on me, receptionists more eager to listen to me.  However this products real potential is for the bar & club scene. If you are a bar-hopping or hitting up the clubs, Alfa Maschio is a real winner!

Some of the biggest take aways I got from using Alfa Mashio in the bars were:

  1. Easier time with conversations, they seem to flow effortlessly.
  2. The attraction hits were VERY noticeable.
  3. A slight boost in my confidence (unexpected bonus).
  4. Easier time in getting her tele#…big plus!

Hot Phero Combo: If you really want to take advantage of what this one has to offer then I suggest Alfa Maschio + A1 or Cohesion. From my own testing 2 sprays with 20mcg of A1 or 2 sprays of Cohesion was fantastic in attracting younger women. Works great on 1st dates!


 – The scent is department store quality not some cheap knock-off.
– 50 ml bottle packaged in its own cologne box (very professional).
– 2 sprays is all you need to have the desired effects.
– Probably the best nighttime bar/club mix out there.


  – Since the pheromone concentrations are high you need to test your “sweet spot” so you don’t use too much.

Critical Update:
Last year Alpha Dream had problems with sourcing of their None changing Alfa Maschio making it a bit weaker. As a result Alpha Dream got an earful from the community and they did correct the formula so they are now back in full swing. 

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